Once an Eagle Always an Eagle

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July 2010

Bryce Matthew Brown

Twin Arrows, Crew 159, Broken Arrow

Charles Brooks Merritt

Twin Arrows, Crew 76, Broken Arrow

Garrett Heath Koller

Eagle, Troop 222, Sand Springs

William Carl Nesbitt Berntson

Eagle, Troop 20, Tulsa

Grant Michael Williams

Eagle, Troop 945, Tulsa

Connor Thomas Murphy

Eagle, Troop 185, Tulsa

Calven Rosenthal

Eagle, Troop 8, Tulsa

Thomas Taylor Mark

Eagle, Troop 945, Beggs

Ricky Alan Lawson

Sac & Fox, Troop 171, Weleetka

Zachary Tanner Miller

Sac & Fox, Troop 101, Tulsa

Bryan Christopher Russell

Oka Tuli, Troop 441, McAlester

Joshua Meyer

Oka Tuli, Troop 441, McAlester

Ryan Andrew Hauptmann

Sequoyah, Troop 93. Owasso

Brian David Maxwell

Eagle, Troop 153, Tulsa

Alec Christopher Hill

Eagle, Troop 313, Broken Arrow

Cameron Michael Byrd

Eagle, Troop 313, Tulsa

Ross Joseph Martin

Eagle, Troop 1, Tulsa

Tyler John Mans

Sac & Fox, Troop 224, Tulsa

Johnny C. Wiseley

Sequoyah, Troop 98, Collinsville

Christopher D. Niceley

Neosho, Troop 637, Wagoner

Samuel Dalton Trout

Sequoyah, Troop 83, Pryor

John Patrick Richards, II

Neosho, Troop 603, Muskogee

Joshua Richard Nilsson

Sequoyah, Troop 857, Owasso

Jonathan Duane Thompson

Twin Arrows, Troop 154, Tulsa

Michael Reese Thompson

Twin Arrows, Troop 154, Tulsa

Anthony James Chambers

Twin Arrows, Troop 10, Broken Arrow

Eric Allen Stephens

Twin Arrows, Troop 192, Tulsa

Blayne Andrew Bettinger

Twin Arrows, Troop 903, Broken Arrow

Chandlir Grayson Edward Miller

Neosho, Troop 638, Muskogee

William Ely

Eagle, Troop 26, Broken Arrow

Spencer Alan Farthing

Eagle, Troop 26, Owasso

Jacob Chestnut

Eagle, Troop 26, Jenks

Colin Wilson Campbell

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

Cody Anthony Rayon

Eagle, Troop 25, Bixby

Ernest Dale Penrose

Sac & Fox, Troop 507, Sapulpa

Nicholas Frank Russo

Sequoyah, Troop 96, Claremore

Daniel Lawson Rose

Eagle, Troop 313, Tulsa

Michael Loris Emerson

Eagle, Troop 313, Jenks

William Travis Mecham

Eagle, Troop 313, Sapulpa

Carl Thomas Conrad Krieger

Eagle, Troop 945, Tulsa

Samuel Wesley Galles

Eagle, Troop 214, Tulsa

Timothy Donald Brawner

Eagle, Troop 222, Tulsa

Malek Sankofa Byam

Eagle, Troop 19, Tulsa

Kristopher Paul Keeling

Eagle, Troop 1, Tulsa

Justen Guy Duncan

Sac & Fox, Troop 507, Sand Springs

Joseph Adib-Yazdi

Sac & Fox, Troop 171, Jenks

Zachary James Doughorty

Sequoyah, Troop 2002, Owasso

Jason Patrick Boggs

Sequoyah, Troop 99, Owasso

David Andrew Tanner

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

Matthew Joseph Moffatt

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

Nicholas Jared Fields

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

John Charles Gotwals

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

Samuel Whittier Smith

Eagle, Troop 26, Tulsa

Connor Mark Bradley

Sequoyah, Troop 84, Owasso

Zachary Steven Wilsterman

Eagle, Troop 313, Bixby

Colton Taylor Johnson

Eagle, Troop 22, Tulsa

Aaron Thomas Smith

Eagle, Troop 153, Tulsa

Joshua Daniel Hyman

Eagle, Troop 313, Tulsa

Curt Daniel Butler

Twin Arrows, Troop 995, Broken Arrow

Alexander Lin

Twin Arrows, Troop 970, Tulsa

David Ethan Sherier

Sac & Fox, Troop 66, Tulsa

Ryan David Smith

Sac & Fox, Troop 507, Sand Springs

James Edward Bolin

Neosho, Troop 714, Stilwell

Michael Ryan McMillon

Sequoyah, Troop 238, Claremore

Ridge Thomas Rainer

Sequoyah, Troop 80, Collinsville

Sean Patrick Laube

Sequoyah, Troop 99, Owasso

Christopher James Desposito

Twin Arrows, Troop 936, Tulsa

Michael Keith Moore

Twin Arrows, Troop 977, Broken Arrow

Mitchell Luke Gordon

Twin Arrows, Troop 975, Tulsa

Zachary Butler Hargrove

Eagle, Troop 153, Tulsa

Jack Anderson Tomlinson

Eagle, Troop 241, Tulsa