Invisible Bracelet Now Available to Scouts

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Invisible Bracelet (iB) is an emergency personal identification number (PIN) displayed on a wallet card, key chain, sticker, or snap-on device for clothing. In an emergency your iB PIN can identify you and notify your emergency contacts.

Go online to (iB) to create a secure account.  Register your health conditions, allergies, medications etc.  List up to ten In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts.  You’ll receive a membership card with a unique PIN, stickers with your PIN for ID cards and two keychain fobs with your PIN that you can add to a set of keys, carabiners or backpacks. In the event of an emergency, anyone can text your PIN to receive a text message back of information you wanted communicated in an emergency.  If a licensed medic locates your PIN he or she can enter your PIN into a secure web portal to view detailed medical information.  If medical transport is necessary, the medic can notify up to ten ICE contacts with the push of a button.

The iB service is supported by licensed EMS and Emergency Department providers.  Membership is $10 a year and can be purchased at