Neosho Webelos Woods

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Pack your bags for Webelos Woods
September 9-11th at Camp Garland

Webelos Woods is traditionally a transitional event for Cub Scouts and recruitment tool for Boy Scout troops. We want this to be an event where your boys get a chance to show these cub scouts what it means to be a boy scout. Give your guys a chance to shine and show off a little! Therefore, here is what is requested of you and your troops:

Friday night
at 7:30pm will be a meet and greet hosted by the boy scout troops on the front lawn of the Hardesty Center. Please be prepared to host a cracker barrel to be shared by all. This can be anything from cheese and crackers to a really neat dutch oven dessert. Be creative! Decorate your table, so everyone knows who you are and where you are from.

Saturday afternoon
1pm-4:30pm prepare an event. It can be anything age appropriate for Webelos, from knots and lashings to catapults. It should be an engaging, fun, educational event that the young scouts will be excited about. Submit your plans by September 2.

It’s best to get your idea in ASAP because it’s first come, first served! We don’t want multiples of the same event. The Webelos will be voting on their favorite events. The troop that wins will get a traveling plaque that will be passed to the winner each year. Think big! Some favorites will be catapults, pop bottle rockets, obstacle courses, etc…

Saturday night
Your troop will also be responsible for a skit or song at the campfire on Saturday night. Please submit your entry by Friday night, so we can make sure we have the right mix of entertainment. Be creative! Let’s go for some originality and try to inspire the younger boys with your creativity! (Also, remember to be age appropriate for cub scouts.)

Please let me know if your troop is willing to host the worship service at the chapel.

This event’s main goal is to help troops with RECRUITMENT while the Webelos have a great time. We want to have a better crossover rate from Webelos to Scouts and this is one way we can do that. Please seriously consider hosting your Webelos, free of charge. Add an extra dollar or two to your camping fees or use troop funds to pay for the Webelos and parents meals (2 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner). You may want to make a few extra plates for wandering visitors. They don’t need to eat like kings but we would like for them to feel like guests! We will be instructing packs to contact Scoutmasters to discuss food preparations. You may want to suggest that they bring an item or two to contribute to the meal. If you are absolutely unable to host any Webelos, due to cost, please let us know as soon as possible.

Be prepared with recruitment material. Have a calendar of your upcoming events as well as a parent newsletter that has info about your meeting date, time and location and any dues that you charge. Also, give the parents and boys your contact information so they know who to call for more information. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns.

In order for your registration to be complete, you must fill out the Boy Scouts Health Forms, Part A and B.  Click here to download the health forms.

Download the flyer, and camping list.

Jeff and Christina Carroll

918-822-2466 OR 918-931-9603