April Commissioner’s Corner

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April 22, 2012

It has been too long since the last note from the commissioner’s corner, for that I apologize. The one thing however, is you have to keep in contact to see if there is another report. It was a long time between when we started this year’s re-charter and when we finally completed the re-chartering for 2012. We cannot let this occur again for our 2013 re-charter. The question is if we continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results, what does that say in reference to our sanity? The question then is what can we change to correct our past history and improve the integrity of the program? We want to improve the program by providing quality programs in all levels of scouting. We have spent large amounts of money on our camps so that we can have great facilities, but are without the needed number of great leaders and support people to provide the best for the best.

We must start visiting all of the units in Sequoyah District and recording them. The purpose of the visit is to see how the units are operating and what their needs and desires are. This will assist us in providing the required training and/or program(s) that will help the unit to develop and grow while encouraging the members to advance and keep hooked up with bringing in fellow scouts to the program.

➢ If you are visiting units be sure to record your visits.

➢ If you are not visiting units please help us all out and visit your units soon as well as record them.

➢ If you are having trouble recording your visits please let me know and we will see what we need to do to get the visits recorded.

We just had a great District Camporee and of the troops I visited with as a whole, all were having a good year. Let’s see if we can help in any way to get the units more active in the opportunities before them. We need to have a person designated for the unit re-charter person soon. It seems like a long time off before we start doing our preparation for re-charter but it is just around the corner.

I hope everyone is ready for the summer activities, but if not please encourage the units to participate in the many activities that are available this summer.

Gary A. Bedford