Lowe’s National Eagle Scout Project Impact Grant

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About the Grant

A generous contribution from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation has made it possible for local councils to present selected Eagle Scout candidates with a $100 prepaid gift card to be used toward their service projects. See brochure.


To qualify for a Lowe’s National Eagle Scout Project Impact Grant, the individual must

  • Be a registered Life Scout
  • Complete and submit the Lowe’s Grant application found here
  • Your service project must be construction based
  • Be sure the Eagle Scout service project has been approved and all signature secured before submitting your grant application.
  • Submit the grant application along with pages 6-10 of your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to the Council Service Center at 4295 S. Garnett Rd. Tulsa, OK 74146.
  • Your grant request will be reviewed and you will receive an answer with 10 business days from the time it is received at the Council Service Center.
  • Upon approval of your grant, you will receive a prepaid Lowe’s gift card which must be activated by you. The gift card has a value of $100. Cards must be used to purchased building materials and equipment for the Eagle candidate’s service project.
  • The card may be used at any Lowe’s location or any place that it is accepted.
  • Document your project with “before” and “after” photographs. Be sure the photographs show how the materials and equipment purchased with the gift card were used for your service project.
  • After your service project is completed, turn in documentation (receipts totaling at least $100) of how the gift card was used on your service project. This documentation should be separate from but turned in with your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to the Council Service Center.

Additional Information or Questions

Don Atwood (918) 743-6125 or datwood@okscouts.org