Messengers of Peace Initiative Recognizes Peace Related Service Projects

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Today, Scouts in dozens of countries are working for peace by solving conflicts in their schools, building links between divided communities, teaching their peers about health and wellness, and repairing environmental damage. Now, when you join them, you and your Scouts can earn international recognition and a special patch.

Created by the World Scout Committee, the Messengers of Peace initiative recognizes Scout units worldwide that undertake projects that contribute to world peace. To participate, all you have to do is submit your peace-related projects (especially qualifying Eagle Scout and William T. Hornaday Award projects) through the Journey to Excellence website. When you do so—and check the Messengers of Peace box on the submission page—the Scouts and Scouters who participated will be eligible to wear a special Messengers of Peace ring patch around the World Crest on their uniforms.

All Messengers of Peace projects are automatically cataloged on a map at the Messengers of Peace website. You can visit the site to learn what Scouts around the world are doing.

Since the earliest days of Scouting, Scouts have worked to make the world a better place.  This new initiative is a great way to recognize the efforts of our Scouts not just to visualize world peace but to help bring it about.

What kind of projects qualify? In terms of the MOP initiative, peace encompasses three dimensions:

1. The personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality

2. The community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict

3. Relationships between humankind and its environment: security, social and economic welfare, and relationship with the environment

Any project that has a significant impact on the community in any one of the three dimensions above qualifies as a Messengers of Peace project.

To learn more about Messengers of Peace, contact your district executive, visit the BSA’s Messengers of Peace website at or visit the websites listed above.