Philmont Staff Association Reunion in Tulsa

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Dear Friends,

The 2012 Annual Meeting and Reunion of your Philmont Staff Association will be a true once in a lifetime event. Scheduled for the weekend of October 26-27 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the activities include:

  1. Socializing with your friends at Edward B. Delk’s Bar in the Philtower – Delk was the architect for the Philtower, the Villa Philbrook and the Villa Philmonte.
  2. Touring Waite Phillips’ meticulously restored office in the Philtower.
  3. An historic tour of downtown Tulsa explaining the Philtower, Villa Philbrook and the Phillips impact on Tulsa.
  4. Attending the PSA Annual Meeting in the restored Gothic lobby of the Philtower.
  5. Gathering at Villa Philbrook for garden and gallery tours, followed by cocktails, dinner and the Silver Sage Awards.

Doing any of the above is reason enough to come to Tulsa, but combining them in one event is something only your PSA can deliver.

For those of you who may have forgotten your Phillips history, during the winters Waite and Genevieve Phillips resided in Tulsa at Villa Philbrook, a similar but much larger residence than the Villa Philmonte. The Phillipses donated Villa Philbrook to the citizens of Tulsa and it now houses a highly regarded art museum and is the most popular place in Tulsa for special events.

The Philtower was Waite Phillips’ business headquarters and was given to the Boy Scouts of America as part of the “second donation” of Philmont in 1941. The BSA took possession of the Philtower in 1942 but later sold it. Seventy years later the PSA will – if only for a couple of hours – “occupy” and retake possession of this Tulsa landmark.

The only cost to you is the dinner at Villa Philbrook. That cost is $30 per person. You must reserve and pay in advance. Persons showing up at Villa Philbrook without a prior paid reservation cannot be accommodated. All the other events are free of charge and you can attend all the other events even if you do not register for the dinner.

Block rates have been negotiated at the Courtyard Marriott adjacent to the Philtower for those persons needing overnight accommodation.

Put this on your calendar now and register for the Philbrook dinner at