Area Cub Scout Awarded BSA Medal

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Kyper Z. Shropshire of Pack 287 in Morris, Oklahoma received the Boy Scouts of America Meritorious Action Award. The Medal of Merit is the third highest award that can be awarded for lifesaving or meritorious action. The medal of merit honors a youth member or adult leader that has performed an act of meritorious service above and beyond what is normally expected of a member of the Boy Scouts of America. This act should demonstrate exceptional character that reflects an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others. The action does not necessarily need to involve rescue or saving of life, but must demonstrate some aspect of scouting ideals or skills. The Medal of Merit was first awarded in 1945. At the end of 2011 only 6,103 of these medals have been awarded. It is extremely rare that a Cub Scout receive this award. It is normally awarded to older scouts and adult leaders. Kyper was 8 years old at the time he was nominated to receive this award. Below is the accounting of the act that was submitted to BSA Headquarters Court of Honor by Robert F. Marek, Jr. Cubmaster of Pack 287 in Morris, Oklahoma.

Kyper Z. Shropshire was interviewed on October 11, 2011. These are the details of the incident where he called 911 after finding his grandfather Jim Hoyst in a diabetic coma on July 29, 2011. Kyper states the time was approximately 4:45 PM when he went outside to look for his grandfather. When outside he yelled for his grandfather and did not receive a response. He began to search for him and located him near a horse trailer. He was lying on the ground unresponsive with the reins of a horse clenched in his hands. Kyper was concerned that the horse that his grandfather had by the reins would step on his grandfather and cause him serious injury, so he struggled to remove the reins from his tight grip. Kyper stated that he had trouble getting the reins out of his clenched hand but after doing so he lead the horse to the other side of the trailer out of reach from his grandfather and tied the horse to the side of the trailer. Kyper claims that there was another horse that was saddled and was loose and near his lying grandfather. Kyper also tied this horse to the side of the trailer to prevent this horse from stepping on his grandfather.

He attempted to revive him by calling his name loudly and shaking him. Jim was unresponsive. Kyper knew that his grandfather kept his cell phone in the hip pocket of his jeans. Kyper stated that he tried to remove the cell phone from Jim’s pocket, but was unable to because he was laying on it. Kyper ran into the house and called 911 and advised the 911 operator that his grandfather was in a diabetic coma and he needed help. Kyper described the location as Highway 62 East of Morris in Boynton. Dispatch asked what the exact address was and Kyper stated that he didn’t know the number but told the 911 operator to hang on and he ran outside and read the number off their mailbox and ran back into the house and advised the 911 operator that the address was xxxxx Highway 62, Boynton. He was informed that an ambulance was in route to his location. Kyper advised that he then attempted to call his grandmother at work on her cell phone but did not get an answer. Kyper advised that he attempted to call is Aunt Amanda and his grandmother Billie but didn’t get answer from either of these calls. Kyper tried once more to contact his grandmother and she answered and was told that Jim was down and that he had an ambulance on the way. Kyper was aware that he had to try and get his grandfather’s blood sugar level up so he poured a glass of orange juice and mixed some sugar in it and ran back to his grandfather.

Kyper placed a straw in Jim’s mouth and yelled in his face telling him to drink. Jim was still unresponsive and was unable to drink from the straw. Shortly thereafter the ambulance arrived. As the ambulance arrived Kyper met the ambulance at the driveway and led them to his grandfather. The paramedics revived Jim Hoyst and monitored him getting his blood sugar levels to a safe range. While the paramedics’ were caring for Jim Kyper’s, Grandmother Tammy Hoyst arrived.

Kyper stated during this interview that he remembered what do in an emergency and how to call 911 from his Cub Scout training while earning his Wolf rank. He stated the he knew he had to remain calm and do whatever possible to care for the ill or injured person.

Kyper Shropshire brings great credit upon himself, Pack 287 and the Boy Scouts of America.

The award was presented during Scout night at Tulsa University after the football game on September 15, 2012. The award was given in the presence of Tulsa Head Football Coach Bill Blankenship and hundreds of scouts, scout leaders, friends and family. The medal was pinned on by Asst. Head Coach Scott Downing, an Eagle Scout himself.