Troop 10 Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Research

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About once a year the scouts of Troop 10 vote to choose a new color of troop t-shirt. The troop logo remains the same, just the colors change. This year, in a bit of a surprise, the scouts voted to choose pink as the new color. I saw this as an opportunity. I suggested to the boys that we change our troop logo just a bit and turn this into something a little bit more than just a t-shirt color change. We added a pink ribbon to both the front and rear logos of our t-shirts. We raised the price of the t-shirt a little and decided to donate the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We have a few leaders who are cancer survivors as well as a few families who have had closer contact with breast cancer than anyone would like. Consequently, this was a project that held a lot of meaning for us. We were able to raise $380.00 to go toward breast cancer research, awareness, and education.

My scouts surprise me on a regular basis. They are incredibly involved, in scouting, in school, in band, in sports, in their church, and in their community. They really jumped on board with the breast cancer awareness troop t-shirt. I am honored to be their Scoutmaster. I am very proud of my boys, the two who are my sons, and the rest who are my scouts.

Scoutmaster Paul Dahnke
Troop 10
Tulsa, Oklahoma