Family Friends of Scouting Unit Incentive Program

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The Indian Nations Council is pleased to announce an incentive program for units participating in the 2013 Family Friends of Scouting Presentation Campaign! 

At each presentation, donating families may make a guess at how much will be raised during the presentation.  Families will make their guess on the back of their completed pledge card.

At the conclusion of the presentation, which ever donating family is closest to the actual amount raised will win one free week at one of the Indian Nations Council Boy Scout Summer Camps, or Cub Scout Day Camps.

The presenter will make the announcement at the presentation and note the winner on the presentation audit sheet.  The council office will have a list of winners to confirm at time of camp registration.


  1. Unit must have presentation by April 15, 2013
  2. Each family entering must make a pledged donation at a minimum
  3. The family must write the guessed amount raised at the presentation on the back of the pledge card
  4. The family must be the closest to the amount raised without going over to win