Letter from the Scout Executive

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Dear Volunteers, Supporters and Friends of Scouting,

By now you have heard that the National Executive Board of the BSA is reconsidering its position on barring homosexuals from participating in its programs and we have received many emails and calls that are both for and against removing this national restriction. I want to take this opportunity to address this issue with you before a decision is rendered. I will not use this vehicle to argue either side of the matter. Instead, I want to talk about what this means to us as a council moving forward.

Scouting remains the best youth development program in the nation. To our youth members, Scouting is FUN and provides activities and learning opportunities which they might otherwise never experience. Only through our continued involvement as leaders will we be able to provide life-changing opportunities and instill our values in young boys and girls.

Regardless of what decision is made, there are many people who will be disappointed. If any of us remove ourselves from the program in anger, we will only be punishing the boys and girls who participate in our program. Their desire for the Scouting program will not wane. Their love of the outdoors will not cease.Their need for caring, dedicated leaders of high character will not diminish.

I thank you for all you have done for Scouting. I implore you, for the benefit of this and future generations of young people, to stay involved and to continue to play an important role in their lives.


Bill Haines
Scout Executive/CEO

Indian Nations Council, Boy Scouts of America
4295 South Garnett Road | Tulsa, OK 74146