Popcorn Orders are Due October 18, 2013

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13 Days left until orders are due (OCT 18).

Camp Master High Achiever Prize Form

www.campmasters.org<http://www.campmasters.org> to ensure your password is working, if it is not, please contact Paige at the BSA Office at 918.743.6125.  Push your sales, this will make for a GREAT Program year for your scouts, if you haven’t set your budget by now then get with your Unit Committee Chair and encourage them to do so.


Just wanted to send a REMINDER that the CAMP MASTERS High Achiever Prize program has changed slightly.  Now your Unit Leader can order the $1500 level and the $2000 level prizes on line when they order their standard prizes for the Popcorn Sale.

For the $3000 Level they must submit the completed form to the Council and the Council will need to send that form to Campmaster and they will ship these high level prizes.

I have attached another copy of the High Achiever Prize form and it is also available on our website as well as the prize ordering site.  The Unit Leader has a direct link from the CAMP MASTERS’s ordering site to the Prize Site.  When you click on the link, the QUICK ORDER screen should appear.  Below are “snap shots” for the Prize Site:

Please review the information below and on the attachment.

Thank you and best of luck to you as we round into the Take Order Sales for 2013!