“Fun With a Purpose” slogan guidelines

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“Fun With a Purpose” slogan

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It has come to our attention that some unit newsletters and websites may be using the phrase “Fun With a Purpose” as a promotional slogan for Scouting programs, particularly Cub Scout-related activities. It is not clear when or why this phrase was first used in Scouting, but we are now seeking units’, and especially volunteers’, cooperation in winding down use of the phrase. As you may know, “Fun With a Purpose” is a registered trademark of Highlights for Children, Inc., which publishes Highlights magazine, and we wish to respect that organization’s trademark rights.

In cooperation with BSA’s Marketing and Member Care departments, we are working to educate your volunteers about this matter and ask them to stop using “Fun With a Purpose” as a promotional slogan for Scouting activities. In the coming weeks, we will begin communicating that message via social media, the “Bryan on Scouting” blog, and, as space allows, in the print version of Scouting magazine. We believe this is the most direct, least burdensome method of reaching those who are the driving force behind unit newsletters and websites—volunteers.

If you or any of your volunteers have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact Member Care at (972) 580-2489.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting.