Voice of the Scout emails to reach members

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The Voice of the Scout program will capture the experiences of our members and volunteers during a 10-week survey period in both the spring and fall. Surveys will be sent to leaders, chartered organization representatives, parents of Scouts, and Scouts over age 14. To receive a survey, someone in the Scouting household must have email information on file in the BSA ScoutNET system. The information will be aggregated and displayed at unit, district, council, area, and region levels on a new VOS dashboard available to council employees and board-level volunteers.

Council employees can share feedback results with commissioner staff and district committee members for appropriate, actionable coaching of unit leadership at the summer and fall unit health reviews. This feedback will help units and the BSA be continuously aware of what members and volunteers want, so we, at every level, can find ways to meet and exceed their expectations. The end goal is to discover what we need to do to, operationally and strategically, to make sure every unit is a great unit while maintaining the values of Scouting.

Voice of the Scout emails will come to you from the National Boy Scouts of America Council in September each year!

Questions contact Scott Copeland 918-743-6125  scopeland@okscouts.org

The fall 2014 edition of Voice of the Scout Survey is exciting for several reasons:

  • Survey release dates are now standardized. Invites will be sent out on the first Tuesday of October (October 7) and the first Tuesday of March (March 7, 2015).
  • A $500 incentive for unit leaders is in effect. In brief, unit leaders who see a response rate of at least 50 percent for Cub Scout parents, Boy Scout/Venturer parents, or Boy Scouts/Venturers will be eligible for an area drawing. Up to 27 units across the country could receive the award, geared to help leaders reinvest those funds back into the unit’s programs, events, or other needs.
  • New survey partner will allow us to reach more members. VOS surveys are being released via a new software distribution company, Qualtrics, which is a leader in the field of high-volume surveys. The company already has existing protocols with email providers such as AOL and Yahoo, both of which had flagged our surveys as spam in the past.
  • The results dashboard can now display feedback to the district level. This feature was soft-launched during the last survey cycle, after which the VOS team took steps to make district data more accurate and stable. (The overall goal is unit-level results. We will continue to make this a priority into 2015.)