2017 Bring a Buddy Program

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“Bring a Buddy” Program

Starting June 1, 2017, the Indian Nations Council will have 300 LIMITED EDITION GHOST PATCHES for every Scout that recruits a new Scout. This program is a tremendous opportunity for growth. If you are in a smaller pack, troop, or crew, what a difference it would make to double in size. For larger Packs and Troops new members can replace recharter losses.

The Plan: Make sure every youth has identified someone to bring to your meeting. This method of recruitment allows:

  • Current youth members to “bring a buddy,” creating a social climate, which will provide greater stability and retention.
  • More parent involvement and more leaders to assist with your unit.
  • Larger Packs, Troops and Crews providing more program opportunities.


Limited Edition 2017 Council Strip Ghost Patch

ghost patch


The Scout recruiter would receive: ONE limited edition “Ghost” Council Strip

(Scouts to wear this in place of the Council Patch on the shoulder of their uniform)


Unit Leader

For every 2 new (qualifications below) youth recruited, a unit leader will receive one ghost patch.

Each Scout will receive one patch for every NEW MEMBER recruited. They must be NEW (unregistered) youth members. Webelo crossovers, multiple registrations, or youth that were recruited at join scouting nights or transfers are not eligible.

Patches will be distributed to the unit leader turning in the registrations for new members. Due to a Limited Number of Patches, it is strongly recommended you get the registration applications into the council service center as soon as possible.

Good Luck! Please let us know of your success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your District Executive or District Membership Chairman for assistance.

2017 “Bring a Buddy” Program Flyer