Aquatics Committee Open House

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Join Us for a night of burgers & fellowship!

Learn how YOU can help put on safe aquatics events for the Indian Nations Council.

With our aquatics programs growing faster than ever, we need BSA Lifeguards and trained adults to help put on safe aquatics activities. 

Thursday, October 18 | 6:30pm

Jack Graves Center | Graves Scout Reservation

FREE Hamburger, Chips & Drinks for ALL Attendees

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Aquatics activities and programs are core to Scouting at all levels. Skills learned through Scouting’s aquatic activities last a lifetime. It is vital for the Indian Nations Council to ensure that every boy and girl be afforded opportunities to participate in age-appropriate aquatics activities. It is equally important we provide opportunities to adults to participate and become trained.

This is a unique time for the Indian Nations Council. ZBASE has expanded opportunities to participate in aquatics activities, advancement and training. Second, the inclusion of girls and families in Scouting adds a new dimension to providing these opportunities.

We need your help. We hear this often. Whether in Scouting, volunteering at our child’s school, helping at our place of worship or wherever, each of us is repeatedly asked to lend a hand. 

This past summer, we had waiting lists to participate in merit badge weekends for canoeing and kayaking, as well as fishing, fly fishing and fish and wildlife management. These waiting lists exceeded the course enrollment. It takes a lot of persons to put on a safe aquatics event in compliance with Scouting’s policies and procedures. Our challenge is that we simply don’t have enough volunteers to always meet the demand. This includes BSA Lifeguards! We cannot afford to tell our youth to wait until next year any longer. We need your help.

How you can help. First, join us for a hamburger on October 18th.  If you have a child in Scouting, bring them along also. If you are a youth who is a BSA Lifeguard or looking to be a BSA Lifeguard, drag along your parent if you cannot drive.  Make sure you reserve a hamburger for them also!  Second, just listen. We’re going to discuss our facilities and opportunities on how you can be a part of the Aquatics Committee. There will be a range of opportunities. For example, maybe your role will be the aquatics point person for your unit. In this way, we can get information to you to make sure your unit knows when aquatics opportunities exist. On the other hand, maybe you want to be trained and learn more. We will help you. The only commitment for October 18th is that you RSVP, eat a burger and listen.

No prior aquatics experience is necessary.  That’s right.  If you lack experience, we’ll train you!  If you need to be certified in an aquatics’ area, we’ll see you get certified.  It’s no secret that trained quality leaders drive quality program for youth.

Can I specialize in one aquatics’ area? YES. Many different aquatics activities exist in Scouting. If your area of interest is canoeing, we’ll keep you in a canoe and not ask you to SCUBA. The same is true for other activities, whether swimming, kayaking, scuba or sailing, to name a few. BUT, if you want to broaden your horizon, we’ll help you by providing opportunities.

Our goal is simple: Expand the number of trained adults and BSA Lifeguards who can help ensure that aquatics’ activities are conducted safely for boys and girls within the guidelines established by the Boy Scouts of America.

Please join us on October 18th

Mike Holdgrafer, Chairman – Aquatics Committee