Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Program

Bring A Friend – An Opportunity to Grow Scouting!

Once again, the Indian Nations Council is announcing the Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Program or “Bring A Friend Program”. The first 200 Scouts that recruit a NEW Scout will receive a LIMITED-EDITION COUNCIL SHOULDER PATCH for uniform wear!

This is a tremendous opportunity for growth! If you are in a smaller Pack, Troop, or Crew, this could make a great difference in your membership. If you are in a larger Pack, Troop, or Crew, this could replace some of the youth losses from your upcoming unit Recharter.

The Plan: Make sure every youth has identified someone to bring to your meeting. This method of recruitment allows for current youth members to bring a friend, creating a social climate, which will provide greater stability and retention. Involving more parents, which means more leaders to assist with your unit, too. Larger Packs, Troops and Crews leading to more excitement and program opportunities!


This is an exclusive, limited edition Council Shoulder Patch for Scouts to wear in place of the current Council Patch on the shoulder of their uniform.



Scouts: The Scout receives ONE Limited Edition Council Patch // (1) Patch for every new Scout they recruit

Unit Leader: The Unit Leader receives ONE Limited Edition Council Strip Patch for every TWO new Scouts recruited

New Scouts must be unregistered youth members. Webelos crossovers, multiple registrations, transfers or youth recruited at a fall Scouting Sign Up Night are not eligible.

Patches will be distributed to the unit leader turning in the youth applications & fees for new members as soon as it happens! You may turn in the paperwork on a daily basis to the Council Resource Center, at the September 12, 2019, District Roundtable Meeting; on September 21, 2019, at Fall Festival at Graves Scout Reservation; at the October 10, 2019, District Roundtable Meeting; and the November 14, 2019, District Roundtable Meeting, too. The deadline for all new youth applications to be received in the Council Resource Center will be Monday, November 18, 2019.


Questions? Please Contact Your District Executive for Assistance

 District  District Executive  Phone Number  Email Address
 Eagle  Ken White  (918)237-1911
 Neosho  Montelle Knauls  (918)954-0077
 Sac & Fox  Andrew Haas  (918)392-1232
 Sequoyah  Michael Hartigan  (918)392-1214
 Twin Arrows  Stephen Fry  (918)688-8946

Claim Your Patches! Use this Form HERE