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2016 Camp Cards Fundraising Program


camp cards

2016 Camp Card Program 


Indian Nations Council is pleased to announce the Camp Card fundraising program. This initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to Summer or Day Camp. Units participating in the 2016 program will earn a 50% commission, ($2.50) on each $5.00 Camp Card they sell – if preregistered to sell by February 17 AND close out their account on or before May 10.

The Camp Cards will be distributed at the February 25 kick-off.

The sale will end on May 3, giving units 2 months to sell!

This program is RISK FREE. Simply return any unsold cards.

Commission Schedule – Receive a full 50% – Here’s how…
 Fill out form and sign up to sell by February 17
 Close your account and return any unsold cards by May 10

New Uniform $100 = 40 cards

New Tent $150 = 60 cards

Philmont $1750 = 700 cards

Camp Hale $245 = 98 cards

Day Camp $75 = 30 cards

Resident Camp $90 = 36 cards

National Jamboree $2600= 1,040 cards

Camp Card Resources

Camp Card Guide HERE

Sign Up HERE

Sale Details HERE

Fill It Up Form HERE

Unit Camp Card Receipts HERE

Storefront Sales

How to sign up for Reasor’s or Bass Pro Storefront Sales

Reasor’s Sale Dates Begin March 26 | Bass Pro Sale Dates Begin April 1

Scheduling Sale Dates Begins February 1

  1. Call Paige at 918-743-6125 to schedule for either Reasor’s or Bass Pro Shops beginning March 1.
    1. Please do not call Reasor’s or Bass Pro Shops stores directly as the Indian Nations Council as agreed to do all scheduling for these two (2) business.
  2. Schedules are taken on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Sale dates are divided into two (2) four hour blocks.
  4. Please observe your scheduled date and if you cannot make your sale date call Paige and release the date for another unit’s use.
  5. If you desire more dates call back and inquire. It is the goal to make sure that all interested units get at least 1 date, however, if there are open slots they should be filled to maximize selling potential.

More Storefront Sales Details HERE

Scott Thiessen, 2016 Camp Card Sale Contact


2016 Camp Card Sale Calendar


January 1 – February 17

Register to Sell Camp Cards, HERE

February 25

Council Camp Card Sales Kickoff, Spirit Bank Center HERE

Camp Card Sale Begins

March 3

First Weekly Prize Drawing, Scout Resource Center

May 1

Units begin to turn-in money and unsold Camp Cards, Scout Resource Center

May 3

Camp Card Sale Ends

May 5

Final Weekly Prize Drawing, Scout Resource Center

May 10

Money and unsold Camp Cards DUE, Scout Resource Center

May 19

Grand Prize Drawing, Scout Resource Center

This year’s Grand Prize is an iPad Mini!


2016 Camp Card Partners

Metro Card: Reasor’s, Westlake Ace Hardware, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Merritt’s Bakery, Bass Pro, Jersey Mikes Subs, Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Drillers, Shiloh’s, Tulsa Scout Shop, Albert G’s, Andolini’s

Neosho Card: Homeland, Bass Pro, Tahlequah Drug, IHOP of Muskogee, Dicks Sporting goods, Hodge Ford, Eastside Lube, Tulsa Drillers, Tulsa Scout Shop, Tulsa Zoo, Peyton Place River Outfitter, Billy Sims BBQ