Daily Off Site Elements

Prior to participating any off site element, each participant must meet minimum proficiency and dress code requirements

White Water Trip

We will navigate the Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma. The scenic two hour drive to the river will be used to complete electives; the ride back will be used to process the element and nap. Venturers must be classified as a swimmer and pass the Kayak gate test prior to this trip.


Venturers wishing to climb will be taken Robbers Cave to learn and improve their skills.


Earn your Equestrian elective. A local stable operator will bring the horses to us, and we will learn, earn and enjoy. Participants must wear long pants and shoes with heels.

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience

Most of the day will be spent on the low initiatives of the COPE Course, developing communication, and team work and leadership skills. You will also participate in some of the high ropes elements. Long pants and sneakers must be worn to participate in this experience.