Cub World Theme Areas

King Arthur’s Castle

King Arthur’s Castle is a replica of a medieval castle as the main attraction. The castle has a large maze that extends out the back door. A huge round table is also included in the program area.

Turkey Creek Village

Turkey Creek Village is a replica of an old western town complete with a sheriff’s office, general store, blacksmith shop, hotel and corral.


The Landship program is designed around a nautical theme, using a large land locked replica of an ocean-going ship as the center- piece of the area.


The Kiva is a Native American Nature program that focuses on the American Indians and their relationship with the environment. An Indian Kiva is the focal point for this program area.


The Riverboat theme area takes us back about 150 years to the times of Tom Sawyer and when the Midwest and West were be- coming the new America. A paddle boat in the middle of a fishing pond is a great attraction.