camp masters

Welcome to the 2015 Popcorn Sale




Thank you for investing the time and energy to “captain” your Scouting Unit’s 2015 CAMP MASTERS Popcorn Campaign. This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate unlimited funds for your unit.

Imagine being able to pay for EVERYTHING your unit does for an entire year with popcorn sale profits. Trips…camp outs…trainings…advancements…blue & gold banquets…courts of honor…trailers…uniforms…it can and has been done!

Our vision is to genuinely educate and give each Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, and Venturing Crew the opportunity to participate in this incredibly profitable sale.


Military Receipts  HERE

2015 Popcorn Leaders Guide  HERE


A Note to Units

Please use the budget sheet to develop your unit’s annual budget plan. This will assist you in setting unit and individual goals for the upcoming popcorn sale.  Please fill out THIS FORM and submit it to popcorn@okscouts.org or fax to 918.392.1314 by AUGUST 6th and your unit will receive an additional 2% commission on your overall sales.