Camp Cards

Indian Nations Council is pleased to announce the Camp Card fundraising program.


The Camp Card sale helps ensure every unit has the money it needs in order to fund its Scouting program.   A number of popular local business have agreed to be a part of the 2014 Camp Card sale by offering a variety of onetime and in some cases recurring discounts.  Units participating in the 2014 program will earn up to 50% commission, ($2.50) on each $5.00 Camp card they sell. Units must be preregistered to sell by February 13th AND close out their account on or before May 14th.

The Camp Card Leaders Guide with campaign details will be posted by March 4th kick-off. The Camp Cards will be distributed at the March 4th kick-off. The sale will end on May 6th, giving units 2 months to sell! This program is RISK FREE. Simply return any unsold cards.

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Camp Card Leaders Guide Here

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2014 Timeline

Dec. 1, 2013—Feb. 13, 2014

Register to Sell Camp Cards at

March 3, 2014  7pm 

Kickoff– Poteau Methodist Church: 109 S Harper St.

March 4, 2014  7pm   

Kickoff– Tulsa Scout Resource Center: 4295 S.  Garnett Road

March 6, 2014  7pm                     

Kickoff– McAlester Presbyterian Church:  3rd and Washington St. 

March 13, 2014    

First Weekly prize drawing

May 6, 2014                            

End of sale

May 8, 2014  

Final Weekly prize drawing

May 14, 2014

Camp Card Money and unsold cards DUE to                                                             the Scout Resource Center

May 15, 2014  

Grand Prize Drawing

Tracking Sheet