Eagle Scouts

The Eagle Scout Award is the highest rank a boy can achieve in Scouting. A boy who has earned the Eagle badge will have all of the fundamental outdoor skills and be proficient in camping, hiking, cooking and first aid. He will have earned at least 21 merit badges that symbolize knowledge and achievement. He will also have help leadership positions and participated in numerous community service projects, one of which her personally planned and directed. More important, the lessons of discipline, character and service learned in earning this highest honor last a lifetime.

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The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is a fellowship of men who have achieved the Eagle Scout rank and who desire to use their efforts and influence toward forming the kind of young men America needs for leadership. The objective of NESA is “to serve Eagle Scout and, through them, the entire movement of Scouting.”

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2016 Joseph E. Cappy Class of Eagle Scouts

*updated 7/12/2016

Eagle District
Austin Matthew Roberts Troop 8
Stewart Turner Smythe, III Troop 1
John Bruce Jarboe, III Troop 153
Justin Gregory Collier Troop 26
David Michael Fournet Troop 26
Michael William Gathright Troop 173
Elijah Joe Harp Troop 22
Harris Michael Neuens Troop 1
Parker Ryan Plank Troop 26
Logan Alexander Steele Troop 26
Eli Thomas Brock Troop 945
Conrad Wheeler Markert Troop 1
Robert Aaron Hotson Troop 185
Mervyn Wallace Johnson, III Troop 81
Kenneth Dean Futrell Troop 945
Joseph Alexander Stolfa Troop 945
Blake Elsworth Calhoun Troop 26
Brockton Ray Calhoun Troop 26
Nicholas Stuart Loy Troop 2222
Michael Addison Robertson Troop 173
Henry Cook Kane Troop 1
Ryan Nicholas Wood Troop 1
Kadin Nicholas Falkensten Troop 8
Jake Reid Jeffries Troop 16
Andrew J. Brophy Troop 185
Joseph Everett Shook Troop 173
Benjamin Ryan Gordon Troop 116
William Garrett Duncan Troop 20
Braden Michael Baker Troop 26
Jarett Allen Martin Troop 26
Eric Ryan Keilbath Troop 26
Zack Stephen Fincher Troop 26
David Andrew Fisher Troop 26
Neosho District
Justin David Garrett Team 626
Scott Dean Garrett Crew 626
Quentin Mark Perkins Troop 627
Jaden Allen Carroll Troop 743
Jeremy Alan Felts Troop 794
Brandon James Blackford Troop 452
Ethan Richard Burk Troop 626
Samuel Dale Bennett Morris Troop 637
OkaTuli District
Jessey Caleb White Troop 2
Edward Lee Zdeb Troop 2
William Henry Washburn Troop 404
Sac & Fox District
Christopher Jaren Lierly Troop 507
Jett Aaron Huffaker Troop 507
Lane Ashton Ray Medlen Troop 224
Wyatt Levi Hanson Troop 203

Sequoyah District

Ian R. Pickens Troop 87
Riley Alan Campbell Crew 758
Dillon Andrew Nadal Troop 87
Tristan Raymon Maddux Troop 98
Martin Max Underwood, Jr. Troop 44
Ian Alexander Willingham Troop 199
Jacob Michael Moriarty Troop 99
Justin Alan Gibson Troop 82
Levi Port Garrison Troop 80
Christopher Happy Pendley Troop 18
Derrick Charles Sherrick Troop 828
Sky Harrison L. Mitchell Troop 80
Tyler Mitchell Cady Troop 80
Elijah Joseph Arric Troop 83
Evan Ray Kennmer Troop 87
Mitchell Jones Troop 99
Nathan Dana Weida Crew 2002
Zachary Logan Batterton Troop 18
Peter Robert Sprague Troop 87
Samuel Edward Stills Troop 18
Twin Arrows District
Hunter Christian Wood Crew 915
Alex Craig Adamson Troop 903
Myles Curtis Hansen Troop 10
Ryan Patrick Roy Troop 903
Connor James Greene Troop 10
Steven Joseph Meyer Troop 935
Jeffrey Stephen Knight Troop 995
Aidan William Darcey Crew 516
Alexander Joseph Pratt Troop 117
Richard Cole Capps Troop 10
Blake Harold Jones Crew 915
Christopher Oven Troop 995
Joseph M. Helms Troop 999
William Vincent Helms Troop 999
Matthew James M. Dale Troop 1
Casen James Stickler Troop 117
Ryan Garrett Bolks Troop 10
Levi Alan DeJarnette Troop 936
Levi Masun Harper Crew 516