Q: What makes Boy Scouts different from other youth organizations?

The Scouting program has a lot of unique features; the most unique is that Scout troops are boy-led and boy-run. Adults train youth members to assume leadership positions and boys are allowed to plan the program and carry it out.

Q: Can a boy be a Scout and still be active in sports and other activities?

Scouts are encouraged to be active in their community, and many do. Athletic programs are seasonal but Scouting is year-round. The values youth learn in Scouting may help them excel in other activities.

Q: Why would a parent want their son in Boy Scouts?

Parents want their sons to be in an organization that teaches values. The Boy Scouts of America is a values-based organization that has its own code of conduct: The Scout Oath, Law, motto and slogan.

Q: Do you have to have been a Cub Scout to become a Boy Scout?

No. Any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 may be eligible to join the Boy Scouts.

Q: Isn’t Scouting just about tying knots and camping?

Scout was chartered by Congress as an educational organization. Every year, Scouts earn over 1 million merit badges. Every merit badge is an educational experience. Currently, there are 120 different merit badges.