Silver Beaver Award


The Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver Award is the council level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. It is the highest honor a local council can bestow upon a registered adult leader. The award is intended to acknowledge noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing leaders within the territory under the jurisdiction of the local Council.

It is considered the highest award a Boy Scout Council can bestow upon a volunteer Scouter.

The Silver Beaver Award is given to individuals who, through hard work, self sacrifice, dedication and many years of service, have evidenced exceptional service to the BSA, service of exceptional character to non-Scouting youth, and service or standing within the community.

The Indian Nations Council presents Silver Beaver Awards annually at the Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver Award Recognition Banquet.

Councils may present one Silver Beaver Award for every sixty units.

The Silver Beaver Award consists of a certificate and a silver beaver pendant suspended from a blue and white ribbon worn around the neck. Recipients may wear the corresponding square knot, with a white strand over a blue strand, on the BSA uniform.

Nominations for the 2016 Silver Beaver Award are due at the Donald Reynolds Scout Resource Center by 5:00 p.m. on November 11, 2016. 2016 Silver Beaver Awards will be presented at the Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver Award Recognition Banquet to be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

2016 Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form

Please DOWNLOAD the form before completing it. No information will be saved if the form is filled out on the webpage. 


Only the Indian Nations Council’s 2015 Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form shall be accepted for nominations. Please do not submit the BSA’s generic nomination form.

Distinguished Service Awards Fact Sheet



The Silver Beaver was introduced in 1931 as a pin-on medal, but due to the heavy weight of the medallion it was switched over to a neck ribbon in mid-1932. A blue-white-blue ribbon bar was introduced in 1934 for informal uniform wear. In 1946, ribbon bars were replaced by the current knot insignia.

The Silver Beaver was initially awarded only to men. The Silver Fawn Award, an equivalent for women was awarded starting in 1971. It used the same knot insignia, but on a blue background. The Silver Fawn was discontinued and the Silver Beaver began to be awarded to women in 1974. A total of 2,455 Silver Fawns were awarded nationally to outstanding women for support of Cub Scouting before the award was discontinued in 1974.

Of the thousands of volunteers who have served Indian Nations Council and its predecessor councils, since 1931, 829 Scouters have received the Silver Beaver Award. The Indian Nations Council is proud to recognize their contributions to Scouting.


1931 Tom Hale 1993 A. B. Steen
  S. G. Bryan 1969 A. C. Smith, Jr.
1932 F. J. Kuckert 1941 A. D. Cochran
  J. Fred Darby 1962 A. J. Henshaw
  Clyde Dorr 1966 A. Jackson Lawrence
  Joe H. Allen 1957 A. L. Morgan
1933 H. J. Scott 1985 A. Sue Bisby
  R. B. Williams 2002 A.H. “Chip” McElroy
  W. H. Cunningham 1947 Al C. Bace
1934 W. L. Casburn 2012 Al Davis
  H. J. Walker 1968 Albert L. Hemphill
  John L. Templeton 1993 Albert Tomassi
1935 F. E. Bossard 1953 Alex Blue
  Robert L. Jones 1961 Alfred L. Clarke, Jr.
  W. H. Stoddard 1962 Alonzo Edwards
1936 L. B. McCammon 2004 Alvin Aitken
  T. A. Gresham 1991 Andy Wilmes
  R. L. Butts 1988 Angie Moore
1937 H. H. Young 1999 Anita K. Wilson
  Joe Zorichak 1997 Anna Barcellos
  R. B. Green 1970 Anna Staggs
  Howard O. Struble 1974 Annabel Hope
  Hermon O. Sharpe 1956 Anthony F. Keating
  James M. Wright 1984 April Felts
1938 F. A. Strivers 1976 Archie White
  L. E. Patten 1951 Arlie Teel
  John Funk 1978 Arnold W. Kunze
  Howell Parks 1978 Arvel Hammack
  J. M. Locke 1990 Austin Farley
1939 E. M. Monsell 1953 B. A. Troutman
  G. E. Tenney 1946 B. Cole
  W. J. Perry 1970 B. F. Jones
  J. McClenaham 1948 B. R. Rush
  Irwin Donovan 1986 Barbara A. Gorrell
1940 J. Roy Inbody 2006 Barbara Anne Dunham
  John H. Keys 1991 Barbara Denny
  H. C. Whitlow 1988 Barbara Lynch
  Haskell Eldridge 1950 Barney Jameson
  E. T. Liter 2014 Barry Puryear
  Walter J. Dell 1971 Ben G. Harned, Jr.
  Hugh Marsh 1946 Benjamin F. Stubbs
1941 C. O. Roberts 1967 Bennett Guthrie
  R. A. Harris 1960 Bernard Emery
  A. D. Cochran 1982 Bertrum Shelby
  M. H. Wright 1986 Betsy S. Corwin
  Thomas F. King 1971 Betty Mae Born
1942 O. A. Boyer 1979 Betty Richards
  Don McMasters 1950 Bill Camp
  John A. Venable 1965 Bill Hinds
  Oscar Payne 1982 Bill J. Chorette
1943 James O. Gilmore 1978 Bill J. Miller
  Verser Hicks 2009  Bill McGhee
  D. H. Hoover 2001 Bill Roberts
  Clarence Mitchell 2009  Bill Rochester
  Earl Swartzel 1977 Bill Shaffer
  Charles P. Gotwals 1966 Bill Tidmore
1944 M. M. Ewing 1985 Bill V. Coates
  Joe M. Green 1992 Billie Wood
  Rev. S. U. Peard 1985 Billy R. Parker
  Boss Fries 2011 Blaine Law
  Sam Goldberg 1954 Bob Bradshaw
  Roy L. Knecht 1977 Bob Vance
  Joe R. Holmes 1963 Bobby G. Preston
1945 Floyd E. Davis 1973 Bonita Knighten
  Whit Y. Mauzy 1944 Boss Fries
  Ross Boerstler 1968 Boyce Williams
  R. A. Reeves 1976 Boyd Kinder
  Dr. Vaud A. Travis 2006 Brent Laughlin, MD
1946 M. F. Ellison 1967 Brooks L. Shaw
  J. M. Adams 2011 Bruce Binkley
  Herbert Miller 2015 Bruce Freeman
  B. Cole 2010 Bruce M. Day
  Henry Garrett 1998 Byron Burke
  Benjamin F. Stubbs 1971 C. A. Overstreet
1947 Russell S. Planck 1953 C. D. Tate
  Noah Harris 1955 C. E. Buchner
  Al C. Bace 1966 C. H. Barnes
  Leo Blake 1965 C. L. Nichols
  Ellis Branlett 1947 C. L. Priddy
  C. L. Priddy 1941 C. O. Roberts
  George D. Isbell 1954 C. R. Humphrey
1948 Vernor P. Rodgers 1955 C. T. Scott
  B. R. Rush 1984 C. W. West
  Earl Bittle 1971 Carl N. Wright, Jr.
  Tollie Moore 1979 Carl Osborn
  Dr. Roger C. Meyer 2005 Carla D. Arnold
  George E. Carter 1948 Carlos Logan
  E. C. Hooper 2002 Carmey McMasters
  E. A. Grantham 2005 Carol Fletcher
  Carlos Logan 1974 Carolyn Miller
1949 Charles B. Gannaway, Jr. 2004 Cary Froman
  LeRoy Young 2010 Cary Mans
  Walter Shafer 1950 Cecil E. Williams
  J. B. Yeager 1956 Cecil Gibson
  Claude Dunlap 2007 Celeste R. Rosenthal
  John Brock 2005 Charles “Kenny” Davis
  Charles O. Lee 1989 Charles A. Ellis
1950 Cecil E. Williams 1989 Charles A. White
  Edward H. Menger 1949 Charles B. Gannaway, Jr.
  Ray W. Gierhart 1994 Charles Bisby
  Barney Jameson 2011 Charles Brannon Tomlins
  Bill Camp 2004 Charles C. Stephenson, Jr.
  William J. Edwards 2003 Charles E. (Chuck) White
1951 Arlie Teel 1998 Charles E. Van De Wiele, Jr.
  Glenn Echols 1973 Charles F. Leida
  Rev. M. C. Cartwright 1958 Charles Ford
  Mack Eicholtz 1994 Charles Groom
  Tom Baskin 1960 Charles Hathaway
1952 John Campbell 2000 Charles J. E. Bertalot
  Hugh Dunlap 2008 Charles Mader
  Jerry E. Upp 1963 Charles Melton
  F. A. Petrick 1961 Charles Moore
  Harold Bennett 1949 Charles O. Lee
  Claud Bare 1943 Charles P. Gotwals
  Charles Vaught 1952 Charles Vaught
  James E. Arnold 2000 Charlotte J. Griffis
  Tom Johnson 2012 Cheryl Worden
1953 C. D. Tate 2014 Chris Van Straten
  Theron Wood 1995 Christina B. Plunkett
  Gerald Bailey 2006 Christopher A. Taylor
  B. A. Troutman 2008 Christopher Ball
  E. M. Rice 2007 Christopher James Thoma
  Zero Stone 1997 Cindy A. Warne
  Homer Stottsberry 1999 Clarence Duke Ducummon
  Frazier Steadman 1943 Clarence Mitchell
  Alex Blue 2014 Clark Southmayd
  Walter Steidley 1952 Claud Bare
  John Garrett 1949 Claude Dunlap
  Herbert K. Dowdy 1966 Claude Todd
1954 Bob Bradshaw 1964 Clay Felts
  Loy Shelton 1932 Clyde Dorr
  H. L. Roseman 2002 Clyde Estes
  C. R. Humphrey 1974 Clyde Felts
  John Dorchester 1996 Colin Spruce
  R. J. Kneidl 1958 Condon McKay
  R. G. Lucas 1991 Connie Pembrook
  Ed Jolly 1970 Coy Prokup
  W. J. Pegg 1956 Curtin McKnight
  Luther Brown 1972 Curtis Weddle, Jr.
1955 W. C. Cox 2003 Cyndi Hartman
  C. E. Buchner 1943 D. H. Hoover
  C. T. Scott 1973 D. W. Calvert
  Emerson Bennett 1968 Dale G. Savage
  Harold Searles 2007 Dana J. McBride
  Herman Thomas 1989 Daniel D. Pickard
  Michael S. Ward 1974 Daniel L. Lynch, Jr.
  Russell Rathjens 1992 Danny C. Enloe
1956 J. R. Fredenberger 1987 Danny L. Minor
  Gene Roads 2010 Darrell L. Parke
  Hal D. Deshong 2014 Darton Zink
  Anthony F. Keating 1974 Dave L. Blakeburn
  Cecil Gibson 1989 David A. Lynch
  Curtin McKnight 2008 David Cordell
  K. C. Love 1986 David E. Winslow
  Henry Fender 1971 David Eugene Hicks
  R. S. Kennedy 1990 David Kuhn
1957 Emil Wyatt 1993 David L. Casey
  Vernon H. Brown 2014 David Lee Smith
  A. L. Morgan 1975 David M. Anthony
  Francis T. Nisimuta 1975 David M. Garrison
  Robert Owen 1995 David R. Logue
  O. W. Jones 1966 David S. Jones
  W. G. Van Arsdale 1990 David Waters
  H. L. Gladstein 1984 Dean McMahon
1958 Condon McKay 1979 Deanne Balsters
  Stanley Mann 2015 Debbie Downey
  Wayne Calhoun 1995 Debi S. Osborn
  R. N. Alexander 1998 Debra A. Crawford
  Lowell Niekamp 1986 Demetrius Kamalakis
  John Kopenhagen 1991 Dennis W. Bridgewater
  Winston Cocke 2005 Dennis Zvacek
  Charles Ford 1989 Diane F. Smock
  Everett Corder 2010 Dick Link
  Richard Hammett 2014 Don Goodell
  Vern Pickard 1963 Don Hope
1959 Ernest R. Brown 1942 Don McMasters
  W. E. (Gene) Fisher 1970 Don McMasters Jr.
  Donald R. Maule 1970 Don McMasters, Jr.
  Ernest W. Smith 1992 Donald A. Kihle
  Raymond J. Jolley 1987 Donald A. Wise
  H. William Davis 1999 Donald C. Muttoni
  Ira Rex LaCamp 1997 Donald E. Atwood
  W. W. Crain 2013 Donald E. Walker
  R. J. Strickland 1979 Donald G. Ellshoff
  Lou Sharpe 1967 Donald G. Vaught
1960 Harold B. Ward 1996 Donald H. Davis
  Wallace O. Wozencraft 1966 Donald J. Grant
  Grady Thompson 1970 Donald P. Moyers
  Bernard Emery 1977 Donald Peyton
  Dr. E. T. Dunlap 1959 Donald R. Maule
    1997 Don R. White
  M. C. (Bob) Roberts Bourns 1983 Doris L. Craig
  Loyd Goldsberry 1972 Doris Payne
  John Cook 1970 Dottie Elliott
  Charles Hathaway 2004 Douglas Leland Crews
1961 Virgil S. Tilly, Sr. 1989 Doyle W. Boyd
  William B. Forrest 1994 Dr. A. L. Gerner
  Alfred L. Clarke, Jr. 1968 Dr. E. H. Shuller
  Rex L. Smith 1960 Dr. E. T. Dunlap
  Howard W. Meyer 1981 Dr. Eugene Fingerlin, Jr.
  Charles Moore 1967 Dr. J. N. Baker
  Euel Renfrow 1994 Dr. Kenneth R. Miller
  Jack Barham 1962 Dr. Paul F. Hawley
  George Lange 1948 Dr. Roger C. Meyer
  Dr. William N. Weaver 1945 Dr. Vaud A. Travis
1962 Jim A. Mulholland 1961 Dr. William N. Weaver
  R. K. Catlett 1988 Dwight Hyams
  Dr. Paul F. Hawley 1948 E. A. Grantham
  Robert A. Ferris 1948 E. C. Hooper
  Roy Slaton 1970 E. J. Boman
  A. J. Henshaw 1939 E. M. Monsell
  Floyd Walker 1953 E. M. Rice
  Menter G. Baker 1992 E. M. Tate
  Alonzo Edwards 1940 E. T. Liter
  J. Roy Dodds 1948 Earl Bittle
  Joe B. Crockett 2001 Earl Jobe
1963 Eldred L. Bowles 1943 Earl Swartzel
  James E. Sinclair 1966 Earl W. Kerr
  J. M. (Skip) Montgomery 2002 Ed Buchanan
  Bobby G. Preston 2015 Ed DeChaine
  W. R. Yeubanks 1973 Ed Goodman
  G. L. Farrar 1976 Ed Herhold
  T. R. Martin 1954 Ed Jolly
  Don Hope 1964 Ed Wolfe
  John Mayer 1998 Eddie J. Edison
  Phillip Morton 1964 Edmund Hunter
  Charles Melton 1950 Edward H. Menger
1964 William L. Butler 2011 Edward O. Price, III
  Oscar Dewey 1963 Eldred L. Bowles
  Edmund Hunter 2014 Ellen Bettinger
  Ralph Freeman 1947 Ellis Branlett
  Frank A. Redmond 1969 Elmer Hale, Jr.
  John D. Edge 1955 Emerson Bennett
  Jack Johnson 1957 Emil Wyatt
  Sam Tyrrell 1990 Eric C. Anderson, Sr.
  Ed Wolfe 1998 Eric R. Kingery
  Clay Felts 1959 Ernest R. Brown
1965 J. C. Elder 1959 Ernest W. Smith
  William R. Gierhart 1977 Erwin Phillips
  Ross McCollum 1972 Ethel Pruitt
  Irvin W. Musgrove 1961 Euel Renfrow
  C. L. Nichols 2012 Eugene de Verges
  L. B. Selman 1958 Everett Corder
  J. C. Keirsey 2003 Ezelle (Buddy) Lindsey, Sr.
  Bill Hinds 1975 Ezra L. Knighten
  Mort Woods, Jr. 1952 F. A. Petrick
  Ray Sargent 1938 F. A. Strivers
1966 Robert H. Gish 1935 F. E. Bossard
  A. Jackson Lawrence 1932 F. J. Kuckert
  David S. Jones 1988 Faye Collier
  Earl W. Kerr 1945 Floyd E. Davis
  Donald J. Grant 1972 Floyd Fuss
  Wilber E. Parrish 1968 Floyd W. Reed
  John Imes 1962 Floyd Walker
  Ralph Nepveux 2001 Francene Prewett
  Robert L. Nichols 1957 Francis T. Nisimuta
  George B. Smith 1964 Frank A. Redmond
  Bill Tidmore 1995 Frank C. Robson
  C. H. Barnes 1995 Frank Cullum
  Claude Todd 1991 Frank H. Marker
1967 Lorin R. Hedrick 1976 Frank Howard
  Judge John Maley 1991 Frank Means
  Samford H. Siegel 2015 Frank Parks
  Virgil S. Tilley. Jr. 1994 Frank W. Podpechan
  Robert O. Rench 1953 Frazier Steadman
  Herbert B. Stolzer 1996 Fred C. Harlan
  Dr. J. N. Baker 2001 G. E. “Jerry” Milton
  Brooks L. Shaw 1939 G. E. Tenney
  Jack Dixon 1963 G. L. Farrar
  Donald G. Vaught 1987 G. W. (Bill) Miller
  Bennett Guthrie 1980 G. W. Deck, Jr.
  George Procter 1977 Gail A. Hiebert
1968 Albert L. Hemphill 1988 Gary Beatie
  Boyce Williams 2012 Gary Bedford
  Dale G. Savage 1995 Gary C. Clark
  Hubert L. Drake 1997 Gary L. Jackson
  T. Robert Larue 2004 Gary Peter Cancienne
  Floyd W. Reed 1973 Gen. Edward K. Heath, Sr.
  Vance M. Tuttle, Sr. 1972 Gen. H. Franklin Gregory
  Dr. E. H. Shuller 1956 Gene Roads
  Herman E. Coussens 2009  Gentner Drummond
  Robert LaGrone 2001 George Lawhorn
  Troy Stimson 1966 George B. Smith
  Tom Croisant 1988 George Back
  Mack White 1947 George D. Isbell
1969 John Steel Zink 1988 George Dusanic
  John W. Fraza, Jr. 1948 George E. Carter
  William L. Ritchey 1996 George E. Hauptmann
  Joseph M. Stephenson 1996 George E. King
  Perry B. Anderson 1994 George E. Nowotny
  William N. Donachy 1961 George Lange
  Lon T. Jackson, Jr. 2011 George Marshall Dunham
  Thomas D. Crowder 1967 George Procter
  Elmer Hale, Jr. 1953 Gerald Bailey
  Tobe O’Neal 1984 Gerald McGrath
  M. O. Roberts 1986 Gilbert L. Wood
  A. C. Smith, Jr. 2006 Glen Fowler
1970 Dottie Elliott 1989 Glen Loum
  Una Jo Teter 1972 Glenn E. LaForge
  Anna Staggs 1951 Glenn Echols
  Robert J. LaFortune 1974 Glennis R. Porter
  Don McMasters Jr. 2015 Gordon Bockus
  Donald P. Moyers 1974 Gordon T. Hicks
  James J. Esposito 1960 Grady Thompson
  Walter Willis 1985 Grover Quinn
  Herman L. Perryman 1989 H. Allen Robinson
  Hugh R. McKnight 1940 H. C. Whitlow
  Markham P. Johnson, Jr. 2000 H. Dalton Wiley
  Don McMasters, Jr. 1995 H. Gene Walker
  E. J. Boman 1937 H. H. Young
  Joseph E. Hailey 1933 H. J. Scott
  B. F. Jones 1934 H. J. Walker
  Joseph Polk 1957 H. L. Gladstein
  Coy Prokup 1954 H. L. Roseman
  Robert Bebb 1971 H. T. Lloyd, Jr.
1971 William B. Elliott 1959 H. William Davis
  Ben G. Harned, Jr. 1956 Hal D. Deshong
  David Eugene Hicks 2015 Hans Helmerich
  Reggie Kikugawa 1980 Harold A. Smock, Jr.
  John Shuller 1960 Harold B. Ward
  Robert J. Sitter 1952 Harold Bennett
  Philip O. Teter, Jr. 1990 Harold C. Stuart
  Virgil West 1993 Harold E. Collier
  J. L. White 1955 Harold Searles
  Carl N. Wright, Jr. 1973 Harold Zickgraf
  Paul Goodner 1974 Harris Irving Bartlett
  C. A. Overstreet 2004 Harrison I. (Bart) Bartlett, II
  Joe Grubis 1980 Harry H. Arnols
  Betty Mae Born 1981 Harry Staehle
  Vera Toomey 1940 Haskell Eldridge
  H. T. Lloyd, Jr. 1978 Helen Vance
  Mrs. Harold Seim 1956 Henry Fender
1972 Doris Payne 1946 Henry Garrett
  Ethel Pruitt 1972 Henry Zarrow
  John A. Bailey 1984 Herb Cunningham
  Floyd Fuss 1967 Herbert B. Stolzer
  Gen. H. Franklin Gregory 1953 Herbert K. Dowdy
  Richard P. Grosshans 1946 Herbert Miller
  Glenn E. LaForge 1972 Herman Duncan
  Riley Murphy, M.D. 1968 Herman E. Coussens
  Thurman Shuller, M.D. 1970 Herman L. Perryman
  Richard L. Toomey 1955 Herman Thomas
  Warren A. Wheeler 1937 Hermon O. Sharpe
  Henry Zarrow 1982 Homer Manley
  Curtis Weddle, Jr. 1953 Homer Stottsberry
  Herman Duncan 1937 Howard O. Struble
  O. B. Pence 1961 Howard W. Meyer
1973 Mary Kathryn Cargile 1938 Howell Parks
  William Jean Dumas 1968 Hubert L. Drake
  Bonita Knighten 1952 Hugh Dunlap
  Jimmie Louise Ritz 1940 Hugh Marsh
  D. W. Calvert 1970 Hugh R. McKnight
  Pericles Collins 1990 Inman Standifer
  Ted W. Coover 1978 Ira L. (Bill) Livingston
  Joseph C. Dougherty, Jr. 1959 Ira Rex LaCamp
  William J. Graver 1965 Irvin W. Musgrove
  Gen. Edward K. Heath, Sr. 1939 Irwin Donovan
  R. Paul Henry 1999 Ivan B. Williams, III
  Charles F. Leida 1949 J. B. Yeager
  Sam B. McNatt 1965 J. C. Elder
  Marvin H. Staggs 1965 J. C. Keirsey
  Robert Woodman Winters 2002 J. D. Ollar
  Harold Zickgraf 1932 J. Fred Darby
  Ed Goodman 2005 J. J. Jorishie
  Leon Hirsh 1971 J. L. White
  Mrs. Jack Cartland 1963 J. M. (Skip) Montgomery
1974 Judy Fowler 1946 J. M. Adams
  Annabel Hope 1992 J. M. Graves
  Carolyn Miller 1938 J. M. Locke
  James A. Alspaugh 1939 J. McClenaham
  Larry D. Bahler 1981 J. Paul Cukjati
  Harris Irving Bartlett 1956 J. R. Fredenberger
  L. D. Fritts 1962 J. Roy Dodds
  Gordon T. Hicks 1940 J. Roy Inbody
  Waldo Jones, Sr. 1961 Jack Barham
  Daniel L. Lynch, Jr. 1993 Jack D. Long
  John C. Murray, Jr. 1975 Jack d. Porter
  Glennis R. Porter 1967 Jack Dixon
  William C. Reynolds 1964 Jack Johnson
  Clyde Felts 1974 James A. Alspaugh
  Wesley J. Crone 1990 James A. Denny
  Dave L. Blakeburn 1987 James A. Thoma
1975 David M. Anthony 2000 James D. Erickson
  John Bittman 1952 James E. Arnold
  Lyman E. Duff 1994 James E. Barnes
  David M. Garrison 1963 James E. Sinclair
  Ezra L. Knighten 2010 James H. Baker M.D.
  Robert D. Martin 1994 James H. Pyeatte
  John L. Miller 1970 James J. Esposito
  Jack d. Porter 1979 James Jones
  O. E. Glasgow 2000 James L. Bond
1976 Jo Carlson 1937 James M. Wright
  Warren Gentz 1986 James Mayo
  Ed Herhold 1983 James N. Hilderbrand
  Frank Howard 1943 James O. Gilmore
  Boyd Kinder 1982 James R. Howard
  Richard F. Phillips 2013 James Reh
  Roger L. Quarles 2006 James Smith
  Peter Schmidt 2003 James Stevens Copeland
  Archie White 2001 Janet Viel
  Mary Jo Blakeburn 1996 Jeffrey M. Glanz
  L. T. Spray 1983 Jennifer A. Hanson
1977 Robert Adams 2002 Jenny Anderson
  Truman Brakefield 1984 Jerri Parker
  Verna Haynes 1952 Jerry E. Upp
  Richard Maars 2005 Jerry Helfenbein
  Donald Peyton 1962 Jim A. Mulholland
  Erwin Phillips 1987 Jim Fretz
  Bill Shaffer 2003 Jim Holloman
  Bob Vance 1985 Jimmie C. Toney
  W. Keith Strech 1973 Jimmie Louise Ritz
  Gail A. Hiebert 2003 Jimmy D. Wills
1978 Steve Balsters 1976 Jo Carlson
  Ronald Carlson 2000 JoAnn M. Hott
  William H. Dalton 2010 Joe Akehurst
  Raymond Dotson 1962 Joe B. Crockett
  Arnold W. Kunze 2002 Joe Gilliland
  Bill J. Miller 1971 Joe Grubis
  Joseph F. Ross, Jr. 1932 Joe H. Allen
  William E. Ryan, Jr. 1979 Joe H. Holmes
  Helen Vance 1987 Joe Lee Marcoux
  Ira L. (Bill) Livingston 1944 Joe M. Green
  Arvel Hammack 2003 Joe Melton
1979 Deanne Balsters 1992 Joe P. Allen
  John W. Bates 1944 Joe R. Holmes
  John A. Beckstrom 1937 Joe Zorichak
  Paul (Chip) Huddleston 1972 John A. Bailey
  Vernon T. Jones 1979 John A. Beckstrom
  Carl Osborn 1997 John A. Pojman
  Betty Richards 1942 John A. Venable
  Leon Roberts 1999 John B. DesBarres
  Donald G. Ellshoff 1975 John Bittman
  John Romine 1949 John Brock
  James Jones 2003 John C. Coates
  Joe H. Holmes 1974 John C. Murray, Jr.
1980 Harry H. Arnols 1952 John Campbell
  Mickey D. Back 1960 John Cook
  Paul A. Breitigan 1964 John D. Edge
  G. W. Deck, Jr. 1989 John D. Jackson
  Paula Foster 2012 John Dolan
  John Gillson 1954 John Dorchester
  Sue Huddleston 2003 John E. Curzon
  Harold A. Smock, Jr. 1981 John F. Babbitt
  Ronald E. Gustafson 1938 John Funk
  Karin Carter 2011 John G. Graves
  Robert H. Earhart 1953 John Garrett
1981 John F. Babbitt 1980 John Gillson
  Ronald E. Brown 1940 John H. Keys
  J. Paul Cukjati 1966 John Imes
  Dr. Eugene Fingerlin, Jr. 1995 John J. Anderson, Jr.
  Lynn H. McKell 1958 John Kopenhagen
  Paul T. Ollinger, III 2004 John Krzmarzick
  Wanda C. Reed 1975 John L. Miller
  Harry Staehle 1934 John L. Templeton
  Kay Vance 1963 John Mayer
  Stan Martin 1983 John P. (Jack) Hanson
  Ted A. Pantle 2002 John Points
1982 Robert J. Barbero 1979 John Romine
  Bill J. Chorette 1985 John S. Zink
  James R. Howard 1971 John Shuller
  Rhese Hoylman, Jr. 1969 John Steel Zink
  Raymond J. Lewandowksi 2001 John Stewart
  Homer Manley 1988 John T. Carter
  Robert L. Nimmo 1979 John W. Bates
  Bertrum Shelby 1969 John W. Fraza, Jr.
  Lee R. Wilson 1988 John W. Gastorf
  Joyce Sellers 2011 Jonathan Charles Reichman
  Kenneth Sellers 1973 Joseph C. Dougherty, Jr.
  Smiley Irelan 1970 Joseph E. Hailey
1983 O. L. Acker 1978 Joseph F. Ross, Jr.
  Doris L. Craig 1969 Joseph M. Stephenson
  Jennifer A. Hanson 1970 Joseph Polk
  John P. (Jack) Hanson 1982 Joyce Sellers
  Richard L. Hayes 1967 Judge John Maley
  James N. Hilderbrand 2010 Judith A. Law
  William W. Means 2006 Judith A. Smith
  Stanley I. Read 1974 Judy Fowler
  Roger R. Scott 2003 Julie Richardson
  Mickey D. Wilson 1956 K. C. Love
1984 Herb Cunningham 1980 Karin Carter
  April Felts 1985 Kathleen Garrison
  Robert Frandsen 1992 Kathleen Ward
  Sandra Hughes 1989 Kathy Hyams
  Gerald McGrath 2001 Kathy Wofford
  Dean McMahon 1986 Katie Adams
  Jerri Parker 1981 Kay Vance
  Noel F. Rassmussen 2013 Keith Ballard
  Ronald L. Trekell 1987 Kelly Vance
  C. W. West 1990 Ken Selby
  Richard H. Wilson 2013 Kenna Dunlay
  Robert R. Yerton 1993 Kenneth D. Tyrrell
1985 Paul E. Baker 2008 Kenneth Miles
  William E. Baumgartner 1982 Kenneth Sellers
  A. Sue Bisby 1997 Kenneth Wayne Martin
  Bill V. Coates 2007 Kenny W. Lathan
  Kathleen Garrison 1998 Kim Snead
  Lyle Johnson 2000 Kimberly M. Cowherd
  Billy R. Parker 2006 Kirk Weinkauf
  Penny Philpot 1936 L. B. McCammon
  Grover Quinn 1965 L. B. Selman
  Jimmie C. Toney 1974 L. D. Fritts
  Roland J. Stanley 1938 L. E. Patten
  Patricia Yerton 1976 L. T. Spray
  John S. Zink 1996 Larry B. Lucas
1986 Katie Adams 1974 Larry D. Bahler
  Richard W. Bennett 1995 Larry D. Trook
  Betsy S. Corwin 1991 Larry G. Ward, Sr.
  Tomas E. Try 1999 Larry Snead
  Barbara A. Gorrell 1986 Laura Moss
  Rommie A. Gorrell 2015 Lawrence Hash
  Demetrius Kamalakis 1982 Lee R. Wilson
  Loyd R. Linde 1947 Leo Blake
  James Mayo 1973 Leon Hirsh
  Laura Moss 1979 Leon Roberts
  David E. Winslow 1949 LeRoy Young
  Gilbert L. Wood 1990 Leslie Pierce
  William D. Fry 1996 Linda A. Zuschlag
1987 Olora J. Bennett 1990 Linda Christensen
  Pete Dominis, Jr. 1993 Linda D. Moroccco
  Jim Fretz 2014 Linda Mitchell
  R. Bruce Hall 1987 Linda White
  Stephen J. Jatras 1999 Lisa C. Muttoni
  Joe Lee Marcoux 1969 Lon T. Jackson, Jr.
  G. W. (Bill) Miller 1967 Lorin R. Hedrick
  Danny L. Minor 1959 Lou Sharpe
  James A. Thoma 2007 Louvena Scott
  Kelly Vance 1958 Lowell Niekamp
  Linda White 1954 Loy Shelton
  Donald A. Wise 1960 Loyd Goldsberry
1988 Lynn W. Anderson 1986 Loyd R. Linde
  George Back 1954 Luther Brown
  Gary Beatie 1985 Lyle Johnson
  John T. Carter 1975 Lyman E. Duff
  Faye Collier 1981 Lynn H. McKell
  Reuben Davis 1988 Lynn W. Anderson
  George Dusanic 2012 Lynne Rochester
  John W. Gastorf 2015 Lynne Whetsell
  Dwight Hyams 1960 M. C. (Bob) Roberts Bourns
  Barbara Lynch 1946 M. F. Ellison
  Angie Moore 1941 M. H. Wright
  W. R. (Dick) Stubbs 1944 M. M. Ewing
  Sam K. Viersen, Jr. 1969 M. O. Roberts
1989 Paul F. Aikin 1951 Mack Eicholtz
  Doyle W. Boyd 1968 Mack White
  Thomas S. Crewson 2009  Margie Akehurst
  Charles A. Ellis 2001 Marilyn E. Allison
  Stanley Glanz 2003 Mark G. Miller
  Kathy Hyams 1970 Markham P. Johnson, Jr.
  John D. Jackson 2005 Martin A. Muck
  Glen Loum 2009  Martin Cranke
  David A. Lynch 1973 Marvin H. Staggs
  Daniel D. Pickard 2001 Marvin L. Hott
  H. Allen Robinson 2001 Mary Ann Riner
  Diane F. Smock 2000 Mary F. Smith
  Charles A. White 1999 Mary J. Helfenbein
1990 Eric C. Anderson, Sr. 1976 Mary Jo Blakeburn
  Linda Christensen 1973 Mary Kathryn Cargile
  Austin Farley 2003 Mary Peugh
  James A. Denny 2007 Mauro R. DeFazio
  Inman Standifer 2008 Max Wells
  David Kuhn 2012 Melinda Stinnett
  Ken Selby 2005 Melville M. Mercer, Jr., MD
  Leslie Pierce 1962 Menter G. Baker
  Harold C. Stuart 2000 Merl A. Whitebook
  David Waters 1998 Michael B. Cox
1991 Dennis W. Bridgewater 2000 Michael D. Hilsabeck
  Robert L. Cartwright 1994 Michael D. Smith
  Ronald R. Cropek 2000 Michael E. Crawford
  Suzanne W. Davis 2001 Michael E. Holdgrafer
  Barbara Denny 2003 Michael L. Seymour
  Neva L. Jennings 2011 Michael Paul Smith
  Frank H. Marker 1955 Michael S. Ward
  Frank Means 1980 Mickey D. Back
  William M. Northcutt 1983 Mickey D. Wilson
  Connie Pembrook 2002 Mike Friedemann
  Larry G. Ward, Sr. 2010 Mike Mozarko
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  Don R. White    
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2000 Charles J. E. Bertalot 2002 Robert Atherton
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2001 Marilyn E. Allison 1991 Robert L. Cartwright
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2002 Jenny Anderson 2000 Rollie W. Stephens
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