Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports

Indian Nations Council offers shooting sports facilities to provide an exciting program experience for all Scouts. Shooting Sports are among the most popular and safest program activities in camp. We have invested in top-notch equipment, first for your Scout’s safety and also for their advancement and fun.


Approved activities by program are listed in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual. The range chart below shows Cub Scout activities in blue, Boy Scout activities in red and Venture activities in green. Boy Scouts may pursue all Cub Scout activities and Ventures may engage in all Boy Scout activities. Cub Scout Shooting Sports activities

Cub Scout shooting sports programs may be conducted only on a district or council level. Archery and BB gun shooting are restricted to day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, council-managed family camping programs, or to council activities where there are properly trained supervisors and all standards for BSA shooting sports are enforced. Archery and BB gun shooting are not to be done at the pack level.

Graves Scout Reservation

Zink Scout Ranch

Mabee Scout Reservation

Hale Scout Reservation

In appreciation for the Shooting Sports Grant Awarded to the Indian Nations Council  by the NRA FOUNDATION read more HERE


Units and Districts supply their own properly credentialed range leadership for shooting sports activities. Leadership requirements for these activities are defined in the National Shooting Sports Manual available here. The Indian Nations Council shooting sports program is supported by the Council Shooting Sports Committee.

Leadership Training

Training for BSA Shooting Sports leadership is conducted using USA Archery, National Rifle Association, and BSA Cub Scout Rangemaster course curriculum coordinated through the INC Shooting Sports Committee. Upcoming shooting sports training courses can be found on the Council Calendar available here.

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards

Requirement Sheets


Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Guide