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Track & Report Real-time Storefront, Wagon & Online Sales

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Online Fundraising: How IT Works


Create Your Online Fundraising Page

It takes less than 10 minutes to register, personalize your Scout page, and start selling.


Share with Family and Friends

Our built-in sharing capabilities via email, social, and text message make sharing easier than pitching a tent.


Receive Support

Family and friends visit your fundraising page, where the average order value is $65, and place orders on your behalf.


Track Your Online Fundraising Orders

See who’s supported your fundraiser, send them thank you emails, and request additional support.


Start your next adventure today!

FREE Credit Card Processing

Every Scout, every sale will receive FREE payment processing with swipe capability through the Trail’s End App. The app is powered by Square, the leading credit card solution for units. 

Existing Square readers can be used and still receive FREE processing. 



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Training Resources // HERE

Our training videos guide new leaders & help veteran leaders take their fundraiser to the next level!


Why Sell? 

  • Increase your Unit income – 73% stays in the local area. 
  • Scouts pay their own way for various Scouting programs & activities.
  • Scouts learn life lessons by earning their own way.
  • Ordering has never been easier than with the Trail’s End App. (LIVE June 17, 2019)
  • Videos & Resources help Scouts learn how to be successful. 

The popcorn Sale is a tool for Scouts to support their own way through the various activities throughout the year. There are three options to sell popcorn: (1) traditional Take Order sales, (2) selling online to friends & family, (3) Show & Sell. For more information, contact popcorn@okscouts.org.


Take Order Sales

Take order sales are the most traditional way to sell popcorn. Scouts go door-to-door with the Take Order form or the Trail’s End App. 

Scouts should collect the money when the Popcorn is ordered. Orders can be taken on an order form or through the Trail’s End App. Credit cards are accepted & units will not be charged bank fees when using the Trail’s End App. Popcorn will be picked up by the Unit Representative on November 7-9, 2019, for distribution back to the customers who ordered from the Scout door to door. 

Online Popcorn Sales

Selling online is the best way to sell to friends & family who live far away.

Online sales count towards Scout rewards & scholarship programs. Participants can send emails to friends & family asking them to purchase products online. The email includes a link allowing them to begin shopping right away.

Customers can pay with a credit card & the products are shipped directly to the customer. The advantages of online sales are that the Scout doesn’t have to collect money or deliver products. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Show & Sell

Show & Sell is similar to Take Order sales, except Scouts have the Popcorn in-hand to sell to customers. All Units are eligible to participate. Scouts can request permission to sell in front of a retail store by contacting popcorn@okscouts.org.

Show & Sell should not replace traditional Take Order sales, they go hand-in-hand for a great sale! There is little risk as any unsold Popcorn is rolled into your Scouts Take Order Popcorn orders. 

Show & Sell Popcorn is picked up by the Unit Representative on August 22 – 24, 2019. For pick-up times & locations, contact popcorn@okscouts.org


2019 Important Dates

June 17 // Trail’s End App LIVE

Download TODAY


August 22 – 24 // Show & Sell Popcorn Pick-Up

Crossroads Distribution Center

13914 E Admiral Place // Tulsa, OK 74116


August 5 – October 18 // Sell Popcorn

  • Show & Sell
  • Take Order
  • Online Sales


October 22 // Show & Sell Money DUE // Take Orders DUE

Scout Resource Center

(918)743-6125 // popcorn@okscouts.org

4295 S Garnett Road // Tulsa, OK 74146


November 7 – 9 // Take Order Popcorn Pick-Up

Crossroads Distribution Center

13914 E Admiral Place // Tulsa, OK 74116


December 4 // Take Order Money DUE

Scout Resource Center

(918)743-6125 // popcorn@okscouts.org

4295 S Garnett Road // Tulsa, OK 74146


Commission Rewards

Commissions to Scout Units

Sell Popcorn – Keep your unit commission of 30%

Commission Rewards

When you place your 2019 order and you order the total dollar amount from your 2018 Popcorn Show & Sell and Take Order sale you earn an extra 5% commission.

(Online sales not included in this commission reward.)

Total Commission Rewards up to 35%

Remember – Any unsold Show & Sell products can be used to fulfill your Take Order product orders.

Products will not be accepted for return in 2019.

$2500 Club Rewards

  • Scouts selling $2500 of popcorn or more receive an invitation to the Popcorn Prize Party at Incredible Pizza on December 7, 2019
  • Scouts selling $2500 will be placed in a drawing for the chance to be drawn to receive $1,000 cash.

Additional Top Seller Prizes

  • The Top Selling Cub Scouts and ScoutsBSA/Explorers/Venturers
  • will receive one $250 Amazon Gift Card for the Top Selling Cub Scout and one for the Top Selling ScoutsBSA/Explorers/Venturers
  • Sell $2,500 (Combined Show & Sell // Take Order // Online) and 6% of your total sales each calendar year is invested in your own college scholarship account, through the Trail’s end Scholarship Program.

$1500 Club Rewards

  • Scouts selling $1500 of popcorn or more receive an invitation to the Popcorn Prize Party at Incredible Pizza on December 7, 2019
  • Scouts selling $1500 will be placed in a drawing for the chance to be drawn to receive $50 Amazon Gift Card. 
  • Selling Scouts will receive one entry for selling $1500 of popcorn products and additional entries for every $200 of popcorn products sold over their total of $1500. 
  • 2018 $1500 Club members will receive additional entries for maintaining their club status.


Thank you for investing the time and energy into your Scouting Unit’s Popcorn Sale. This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate unlimited funds for your unit. 

Imagine being able to pay for EVERYTHING your unit does for an entire year with popcorn sale profits, trips, camp outs, trainings, advancements, blue & gold banquets, courts of honor, trailers, uniforms!

Our vision is to educate and give each Scout Unit the opportunity to participate in this incredibly profitable sale.


Questions? Contact Us. 

Email Us // popcorn@okscouts.org

Call Us // (918) 743-6125