Unit Kick-Off Contest


Unit Kick-Off Contest

Hold a Unit Kick-Off and enter to win prizes! Find out more at www.campmasters.org/kick-off-contest

Everyone wins when you have a Popcorn Kick-Off! Capture your Unit’s Special Room Setup, Training and FUN by sharing a video or photo story and ENTER HERE or DOWNLOAD the CampMasters smart phone app HERE.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three units in each category: $300 bonus commission to the 1st Place Units, $200 bonus commission to the 2nd Place Units and $100 bonus commission to the 3rd Place Units. Plus, every selling Scout in the winning Units will win a Walmart gift card! ($20 per Selling Scout for 1st Place Units, $15 per Selling Scout for 2nd Place Units and $10 per Selling Scout for 3rd Place Units.)

Read the Rules and Regulations HERE