3 Ways to Sell


  • There are a few different methods that a unit can organize to conduct a Show & Sell. All of them involve using popcorn that you already have- so you are showing it to someone and selling it, rather than taking orders.
  • BOOTH – This method is a lot like an old school lemonade stand; your unit gets permission to have a booth in a high traffic area and your Scouts sell actual popcorn product there on the spot. This method has been highly effective for many units, as it allow a lot of sales without actually going door to door. A unit can plan a Show & Sell and split Scouts/Families into shifts so that everyone takes a turn.
  • Show & SELL – This method is a variation of the booth mentioned above. In this case, a unit signs out a small quantity of popcorn to a Scout who take it throughout his neighborhood, selling as he goes.
  • No Chocolate products are available during Show & Sell.


This method is where Scouts go to friends, family, and neighbors door to door to sell popcorn using an order sheet. Parents can also help by taking the order forms to work. Later, at the end of the sale, the Scouts deliver the ordered products to the customers who ordered them.


This method is easier than ever before! Simply help your Scouts sign-in at www.campmasters.org or www.popcornordering.com and they will be able to sell to friends and family all over the country!