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Camp Card Sales & COVID-19

Camp Card Sales & COVID-19

Given the current circumstances surrounding the effects of the coronavirus, we certainly understand the unprecedented times our Scouting families are facing. The safety and health of our Scouts, Leaders, and Scout families is the first priority of the Indian Nations Council. Recent emails sent from the council have more details regarding our response to the coronavirus. While our response aims to minimize the spread of the virus, we have and continue to encourage our Scouts to scout on at #ScoutingAtHome

Consider the ideas below to proceed with Camp Card sales, if the unit leadership has agreed to do so. Nonetheless, the 2020 Camp Cards Sales end date has been moved from May 22 to June 1

As we navigate together the Camp Card Sale in our current climate, please join in the conversation and sales tips to share in our private Facebook group for Camp Cards. (Link here to find the Facebook group.)

Thank you for participating in the sale in 2020 during these trying times. Ideas for consideration:

Using social media/email to spread sales awareness and efforts is a great way to sell safely.

Cards can be paid for by using Paypal, Zelle, Cash Out, Google Pay, Cash App, or Venmo. These are recommendations of app-based payment options, each unit should properly research and make their best choice. After payment is received and confirmed, the Scout can then mail the camp card to the purchaser. This can serve as a valuable learning lesson as to how many online sale transactions occur in today’s e-marketplace.

Scouts could approach local businesses such as dentists, doctors, law offices, etc. asking the business owners to purchase several camp cards to use with their clients, customers, or staff.

Camp Cards are great thank you or recognition items. Ask these businesses to support local Scouting programs through their purchase of our camp cards.

Churches are another option for sales…

…especially if they are still having in-person services. If churches are no longer meeting in person, but have made the choice to live stream services, the church might promote camp card sales to their members via their emails or social media.

Our traditional storefront method of camp card sales poses additional risks due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus. As your council leadership, we ask each unit to give careful thought to selling person to person. If the unit leadership decides to continue with storefront sales, we ask that those units take added precautions when conducting sales transactions. Increased caution should be used when handling the camp cards and the source of payment. These safety procedures should be communicated to Scouts, parents, and leaders prior to the sales date.

  • Hand washing should take place as often as possible where available.
  • Using hand sanitizer is a good option, but hand washing is best and preferred.
  • The use of disposable gloves, in addition to hand washing, may reduce hand to hand contact.
  • Periodic use of Lysol or other anti-bacterial products on card readers and cell phones is highly suggested when these devices are used.
  • Cash should be handled with extreme caution and only by the adults, if at all possible.
  • After the conclusion of the day of sales, all involved should make sure to wash thoroughly when arriving home.