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Scouting At Home : A New Wilderness

Scouts are always prepared. STEM is a vital part of the Scouting program, and today it’s more relevant than ever. Troop 26 of Tulsa is adapting to this season of social distancing by utilizing online video chat for Scouting. For their first online Scout meeting, they had over 70 logins join in live and still more tuning in via replay. 

Scoutmaster Bill Shaffer, Troop 26’s leader for over 50 years, said it wouldn’t have been possible without Senior Patrol Leader Evan Baumgartner coordinating the planning and groundwork so everyone could logon. 

“People think technology is driving people further apart, but this is an example of how it can draw people closer together. It’s like anything – it’s how you use it that makes it positive or negative. I’m excited about what my kids are trying to do – I just hope I can keep up with them.” [Bill Shaffer]

While the spread of COVID-19 and social-distancing are situations that we have never faced before – they are also challenges that help us to grow and stretch and think outside the box of what’s been done before and to look at how we can improve. As everyone tries to do their part in practicing social distancing, the Indian Nations Council is encouraging our members to adapt and utilize technology in fresh and creative ways in this new frontier.

“This whole situation has kicked us out of our rut. It’s forcing us to look at new and better ways to do things. More productive ways to do things. Different styles of leadership and different styles of communication. I think this is an enormous opportunity and challenge to come out of this stronger than we were in the first place.” [Bill Shaffer]

Indian Nations Council, Boy Scouts of America is sharing resources and tools to help Scouting youth within each Scout unit continue Scouting At Home. For those resources, visit okscouts.org (or click here)

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Troop 26’s first virtual meeting via Zoom. They had over 70 participants on the call.