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Back to the Pack Fall Kickoff Meeting

Each fall, Cub Scout packs receive a “new start” due to our Fall School Nights Recruitment season. New Cub Scouts attend our School Night Recruitment programs to be assigned to a den, and new den leaders are recruited from those parents in attendance to work with the new dens.

However, the promotion for new boys & girls to join Cub Scouts and the excitement surrounding our Fall Recruitment program, is the fact that many old members are not contacted, and invited to come back from the summer break that many Packs take.

Our Council Membership Committee is encouraging a “Welcome Back to the Pack” promotion in August. During August, each Pack needs to hold its first meeting of the new program year. The purpose of this meeting will be to sign up old members for the coming Scouting year, recruit leadership to fill vacancies (whether it be for Cubmaster, Den Leaders, or Committee members), and to discuss plans for Pack activities for the fall.

We encourage each individual pack to develop your own promotion plan in order to ensure that all members are contacted personally, preferably by telephone, to receive a commitment for their attendance.

Research has shown that many Scouts will not continue without being personally contacted. Many are waiting to be contacted about when to start attending the meetings again.

Remember: In August, all Cub Scouts need to be contacted about the “Welcome Back to the Pack” meeting and encouraged to become active in Cub Scouts for the fall. Parents are requested to attend, as well.

Marty Williams
Indian Nations Council
Vice President of Membership


When should it be held?
“Back to the Pack” events should be held in early August. Ideally, it will serve as your first unit gathering for the fall. The event can be held during the week or a weekend depending on what works best for the families and the leadership of the Pack.

Why should my unit hold one?
There are many reasons for holding a “Back to the Pack” event including:

  • Opportunity to make sure that all of the youth and their families are going to be a part of the program for the upcoming year
  • Opportunity to identify leadership needs and recruit new parents to be leaders
  • Opportunity to sign up younger brothers & sisters who are now Cub Scout age
  • It’s a FUN activity to kick off a great year

What are some ideas for a “Back to the Pack” event?

  • Picnic and fun activities
  • Movie night with a slideshow of fun activities
  • Fishing party with a cookout
  • Race some Rain Gutter Regatta boats or Space Derby Ships

Indian Nations Council, Boy Scouts of America  

Fall Preview Kick-Off

Last year more than 3,000 new Cub Scouts were recruited during School Night for Scouting. This year we expect an additional 3,000 new Cub Scouts.

Packs that attend this Kick-off meeting are best prepared for the increase of new Scouts and Leaders and the upcoming Scouting Schedule. Below you will find a list of dates, times and locations of every place a meeting will take place on August 4, 2020.

It is vital that your unit be represented.
At the kick-off you will meet in your District and learn the details of the Fall recruiting and activity schedule that will help your Pack sustain and grow this Fall.

Indian Nations Council, Boy Scouts of America

Fall Preview Kick-Off Meeting Locations

For Cubmasters, Pack Committee Chairs, & Den Leaders

Eagle Neosho Sac & Fox
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
Scout Resource Center | 4295 South Garnett Road | Tulsa
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
First United Methodist Church | 600 East Okmulgee Street | Muskogee
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
Sapulpa First Presbyterian Church | 111 South Oak Street | Sapulpa
Sequoyah Twin Arrows Attend Online
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
First United Methodist Church | 1615 OK-88 | Claremore
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
Scout Resource Center | 4295 South Garnett Road | Tulsa
AUGUST 4 | 7:00PM
Link to will be sent via email upon RSVP