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Contact Us

 Position  Contact  Phone Number  Email Address
 District Chair  Michael Dewitt  (918) 304-4231
 District Commissioner  Brian Reynolds  (918) 607-4268
 District Executive  Andrew Haas  (918) 743-6125  
 Assist. District Commissioner  Marc Guy  (602) 920-3932
 Assist. District Commissioner  Larry Boyer  (918) 617-0988
 Boy Scout Round Table Comm  Don Goodell  (918) 625-0648
 Cub Scout Round Table Comm  Annie Mock  (816) 804-9972
 Venturing Round Table Comm      
 Vice-Chairman Finance      
 FOS Chair      
 N. FOS Family Chair      
 S. FOS Family Chair      
 FOS Community Chair      
 Camp Card Chair      
 N. Popcorn Chair      
 S. Popcorn Chair  Elizabeth McDaris  (918) 329-1099
 Vice-Chairman Outdoor Programs  Marc Guy  (602) 920-3932
 Boy Scout Program Chair      
 Cub Scout Program Chair      
 Activities Chair  Dakota Skaggs  (918) 200-1178
 N. Day Camp Chair  Lynne Rochester  (918) 688-4145
 S. Day Camp Chair  Lynne Rochester  (918) 688-4145
 Fall Fest Chair      
 N. Pinewood Derby Chair      
 S. Pinewood Derby Chair  Elizabeth McDaris  (918) 329-1099
 Scouting for Food Chair      
 District Banquet Chair  Dakota Skaggs  (918) 299-1178
 Camping Chair  Marc Guy  (602) 920-3932
 BS Camporee Chair      
 Parent & Pal Chair      
 Webelo Weekend Chair  Dakota Skaggs  (918) 200-1178
 Training Chair  Ella Guy  (602) 920-3932
 Boy Scout Leader Training Chair  Don Goodell  (918) 625-0648
 Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor  Amy Rampy  (918) 639-7923
 CS Leader Training Chair      
 BS Leader Training Chair      
 Venturing Training Chair      
 IOLS Training Chair  Lynn Guthrie  (918) 740-4009
 BALOO Training Chair  Leo Scott  (918) 810-5511
 Youth Protection Champion      
 Health and Safety      
 Vice-Chairman Advancement  David Smith  (918) 639-9895
 Merit Badge Fair Chair      
 CS Advancement Chair      
 BS Advancement Chair      
 N. Eagle Board of Review  Helen Vance  (918) 224-0220
 S. Eagle Board of Review  Maurice Hawthorne  (918) 564-2050
 Vice-Chairman Membership      
 BS Membership Chair      
 CS Membership Chair      
 Venturing Membership Chair      
 School Night Chair      
 New Unit Chair      
 Webelos to Scout Transition Chair      
 Public Relations Chair  Leo Scott  (918) 694-2465
 Communications Chair  Sharon Scott  (918) 694-2465
 Nominating Committee Chair