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Twin Arrows

District Chairman District Commissioner District Executive
Chris Thoma Tom Tatro Michael Gullion
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District Award of Merit

  • Tom Tatro
  • Eric Macomber

Medallion of Service

  • Diana Leohrke
  • Joel Curtis
  • Amanda Waldron

Rising Stars 

  • Brenda Magnusson
  • Robert Grigg
  • Travis Ferrell
  • Greg Trezise
  • Ted Rae
  • Kara Moore
  • Dustin Matheson
  • Kristen Dill
  • Beverly Snow

Torch of Gold

  • Jo May

Knot Scouting Service Award

  • Sharice Walters


Twin Arrows District includes the following cities: Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Hakell, sections of Tulsa and Union Schools.