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Start an Exploring Post

2016 Exploring Marks

Exploring is a well developed program of career exploration that can be implemented by virtually any business to help meet the needs of youth, parents, and the community. The Exploring program benefits not only the community, but the local businesses as well.

Exploring is a meaningful opportunity for youth to explore careers is good for youth, good for families, good for businesses, and good for the community.

Participating Organization Benefits

  • Cultivate a pool of motivated, knowledgeable, and properly educated future employees
  • Positive impact on the education of youth and families
  • Prepare young adults for transition from school to work
  • Develop future responsible and caring adults
  • Improve staff teamwork working on common goals outside of normal work
  • Visible commitment to the welfare of the community

Participating Organization Employee Benefits

  • Increased realization that we are ALL responsible for molding today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders
  • Greater job awareness
  • Opportunity for greater community involvement and service
  • Enhanced communication, planning, and program development skills
  • Increased initiative of employees

Youth Benefits

  • Practical, real-world career experiences and insight
  • Stimulated interest in continual education
  • Building of leadership, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills
  • Cooperative relationship between adults and youth and networking
  • Increased opportunities for community service
  • Character Development
    Social development
  • Networking & internship possibilities
  • Group collaboration and teamwork

Family Benefits

  • Increased maturity and responsibility of youth
  • Helps ensure that higher education costs are a sound investment in a future career
  • Youth have exposure to career fields and adults with whom they might otherwise have little or no contact

Community Benefits

  • Youth do not leave the community to find jobs elsewhere, without exploring the career opportunities available in the community.
  • Families remain an active and contributing part of the community.
  • Maintaining the pool of qualified and talented future employees helps ensure the viability of community businesses and stability of the tax-base.


If your organization or department is interested in starting an Explorer post, please contact Christ Guthrie at (918) 743-6125 or cguthrie@okscouts.org.