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100th Anniversary Get in the Game Launch

The council is setting the Pillars of Scouting geocaches, kicking off the 100th anniversary Get in the Game initiative. These caches will be placed in various Districts around the Council and will be the starting point for the Pillars of Scouting Travel Bugs (follow on followed by The Treasures of Scouting group of caches and the Race to 2010 geocaching pinewood derby. We need people from all of the districts to help us and Get in the Game. Training will be coming soon, but you can still get involved and learn as you go we all started somewhere.

To follow the Pillars of Scouting Travel Bugs go to and search for the following TB numbers to track that bug (a little dog tag). We will post the geocache numbers for ease of tracking once they are published. Come back often there will be updates frequently.

TB Numbers for Pillars of Scouting

  1. Leadership = TB37081
  2. Character = TB36ZVA
  3. Service = TB36ZFH
  4. Achievement = TB36Z8Y
  5. Outdoors = TB370F6

Additional Caches:

  1. GC23D9R Treasures of Scouting / Volunteers
  2. GC23D8M Treasures of Scouting / Cub Scouts
  3. GC2399F Pillars of Scouting / Leadership
  4. GC231KF Pillars of Scouting / Service
  5. GC2317R Pillars of Scouting / Character
  6. GC22ZW6 Pillars of Scouting / Achievement

Race to 2010 has begun follow cars from the Indian Nations Council as they join the Pinewood Derby Race to the 2010 Jamboree at Ft. AP Hill Va.

  1. Twin Arrows Car TB347ZA
  2. Neosho Car TB2HNWW
  3. Sequoyah Car TB32RXQ

Cache to Eagle Nomination Form

Get in the Game! with Geocaching

For our 100th Anniversary Celebration, the BSA is tapping into the fun and excitement of geocaching and inviting you along. Through Get in the Game! geocaching events, Scouts and non-Scouts alike will search for prizes in this fast-paced outdoor quest. It’s a great way to share Scouting skills and adventure with today’s tech savvy kids.

What is geocaching?

Put simply, it’s a high-tech treasure hunt. Players hide containers, called “caches” or “geocaches,” outdoors and then share the coordinates. Then, other players seek them out using GPS navigation devices. It’s fun, challenging, and interesting for individuals, families, and groups.

What do we need?

  • GPS units work well, and several retailers offer discounts to Scout groups. There are also several geocaching apps for the iPhone, and some other cell phones work too. You’ll also need a map and compass. The technology only takes you so far. When you get closer to a cache site, traditional orienteering skills come into play.
  • To build a cache, all you need is a piece of paper to serve as a log book, Scouting goods like patches and photos, and a plastic container. If you’re resourceful, it might not cost you anything at all.

Get in the Game! Activities

  • Pillars of Scouting “Travel Bugs that go from cache to cache around the nation to highlight core Scouting values.
  • Cache to Eagle BSA districts across America are hiding caches to showcase some of Scouting’s great gifts to America, Eagle Scout service project sites. Learn how this program started at
  • Treasures of Scouting Caches around the country that showcase Scouting people and programs: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Scouting Alumni, and Volunteers.
  • Race to 2010 Pinewood Derby cars will soon be zooming around the nation. Start your engines … the race begins March 6, 2010!
  • Cache In Trash Out Partnering with, a single day of service throughout America. More information coming soon.

Geocachers want to help Scouts Get in the Game?

If you’re an active geocacher interested in helping Scouts and Scouters in your area, contact the 100th Anniversary Staff Adviser at your BSA local council to enroll in the 100th Anniversary National Leadership Team. Help bring the fun and adventure of geocaching to youth in your community!

Geography Resources for Mapping

For local information contact:

Phillip Hance (918)398-1717