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Pine Tree

Indian Nations Council Pine Tree

Pine Tree is a four-day, three-night training course for Junior Leaders, planned and developed in the belief that motivation, through challenge and inspiration, is the basic ingredient needed in preparing youth to lead others. While Pine Tree also teaches Scout skills and leadership theories, these are considered secondary in importance to the development of the real spirit of Scouting through the inspiration of its traditions and ideals. It is not just the participants who return to their troops with an inspired desire to help Scouting grow. Leaders of Pine Tree also become more dedicated to Scouting and consider Pine Tree as one of their memorable experiences in Scouting.

Pine Tree accomplishes its goals by the use, first, of an intensive and demanding schedule which places the Scout in a difficult environment and helps him/her to develop pride in their ability to complete tasks or assignments. Second, it teaches him/her the absolute necessity for cooperation and teamwork in the accomplishment of group activities – the youth learns the real meaning of personal sacrifice for others. And third, through traditions and ceremonies of Pine Tree, the Scout, BSA develops a greater pride in themselves, the uniform they wear, and that great organization called Scouting to which they belong.

However, it is only by actually serving as a staff member of a Pine Tree Troop that the Scout Leader will truly understand the meaning, the personal inspiration, and the deep satisfaction that is experienced by all Pine Tree youth and adults. To watch the development of the patrol spirit; to see a youth stand a little taller and with chin a little higher; to read or hear a sincere and touching expression of feeling – these are the rewards of a Scout Leader and these are the things that make Pine Tree Scouters more dedicated to youth through Scouting.

2019 Pine Tree Course


Troop 128 – Fall Course 

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October 17 – 20, 2019



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