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Williamson Shooting Sports Complex (WSSC)

Just 45 minutes from the Scout Resource Center, the WILLIAMSON SHOOTING SPORTS COMPLEX on the Mabee Scout Reservation boasts three shooting venues:

The covered, 14 position, 25 yard Rifle Range is equipped with .22 caliber Rifles, Pistols, and .50 caliber Muzzleloading Rifles.

The 12 position, covered Archery Range accommodates shooting at 10-18 yards.  Archers learn the fundamentals using light-draw weight, recurve bows.

A 5-stand “Scouting Clays” shotgun field challenges even the best shooters.  Four automatic trap machines and 20 gauge, semi-automatic shotguns are provided.

The Williamson facility is available for Council, District, and Unit events.  Make your reservation early!


WSSC Standard Operating Procedures

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