Staff Directory

 First  Last  Position  Email
 Bill  Haines  Scout Executive/CEO
 Dave  Wadley  Director of Field Service
 Don  Atwood  Director of Support Services
 Jill  Easley  Director of Development
 Scott  Thiessen  Assistant Director of Support Services
 Director of Camping Services
 Chris  Guthrie  Field Director
 Shawn  Pierce  Field Director
 Exploring/LFL Director
 Scott  Copeland  District Director, Eagle
 Bill  Dickson  Senior District Executive, OkaTuli
 Nathan  Lott  District Executive, Scout Reach 
 Aaron  Matzenbacher  District Executive, Sequoyah
 Susana  Jackman  District Executive, Neosho
 Willie  Rochester  District Executive, Sac & Fox
 District Executive, Twin Arrows
 AnnaBeth  Williams  Marketing Executive
 Kyle  Driscoll  Program Executive
 Lisa  Bowman  Accounting Specialist
 Teresa  Stephens  Executive Assistant
 Paige  Draffin  Office Manager
 Sharon  Judd  Accounting Assistant
 Joy  Mullins  Registrar
 Donna  McDaniel  Customer Service
 Michele  Anderson  Customer Service
 Kanisa  Davie  Development Assistant
 Vivian  Nemec  Learning for Life, Lead Teacher