What is Scouting For Food?

The Indian Nations Council’s Scouting for Food drive had changed dates due to the request of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma in efforts to replenish food after the holiday season. As always, any food donations can be delivered to Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, but the Boy Scouts of America is issuing a community-wide Food Drive in celebration of Scout Sunday and Valentine’s Day as the time for kindness and giving.


Scouting Packs, Troops, and Crews will be visiting local neighborhoods dropping off bags to houses. Throughout the week we ask participating homes to place any nonperishable goods in the sacks. A week later, Scouts will be returning back to the houses to pick-up the bags to be delivered directly to the food bank. Bags can be placed at the doorstep of each house so that the Scouts can identify the houses participating.


Participation is vital to the efforts of feeding those less fortunate in not only Tulsa but the whole eastern area of Oklahoma.


Support Boy Scouts of America on Scout Sunday as well as the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma in collecting nonperishable goods.

Why Scouting For Food?

Scouting for Food is a project rooted in the very foundation of the Scouting movement. Through initiative and hard

work, the Boy Scouts have developed a framework that can help local food pantries feed tens of thousands of needy local residents with emergency aid. Especially in these difficult times, the community’s need for additional help has increased greatly. Only with the help of each individual unit can we make this campaign for our community a true success!