Cub World Themed Areas


Coates Castle

King Arthur’s Castle is a replica of a medieval castle as the main attraction. 

Fort Cappy

The Landship program is designed around a nautical theme, using a large land locked replica of an ocean-going ship as the center- piece of the area.

Bertlesmeyer Indian Kiva

The Kiva is a Native American Nature program that focuses on the American Indians and their relationship with the environment. An Indian Kiva is the focal point for this program area.

Melton Truck Lines Paddle Boat

The Riverboat theme area takes us back about 150 years to the times of Tom Sawyer and when the Midwest and West were be- coming the new America. A paddle boat in the middle of a fishing pond is a great attraction.

Cub World also features Babbitt Chapel, McElroy Fitness Area, & more.

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What is Cub World?

Cub World is a family camping program unlike any other with Cub Scouts and their families participating in either an overnight or a single day experience with the selected theme areas as the focus for the program. The program is designed to be run by your pack leaders with theme packets available with suggested crafts, ceremonies, games, den and pack meeting ideas.

Cub World Coordinator

Your pack will need to assign someone to coordinate your Cub World campout. The coordinator will be in charge of communicating with the Scout Resource Center and pass information along with theme packets and etc. to other adults and leaders in your pack. 

Cub World is FREE! Of course your pack and families will have some costs involved in preparing for and during the weekend such as meals, tent rental, crafts and etc. but there is no charge for using the camping facilities.

Shooting Sports

Due to your pack’s generous and continued support of the Friends of Scouting Campaign, the BB & Archery equipment is supplied free to each pack. To be able to take advantage of this opportunity each pack must have at least one adult in your pack trained in Cub Scout Shooting Sports.

Arrival & Check-in Procedures

Every person attending will need to turn in a completed BSA Health form Parts A & B to your pack coordinator. Each pack must have at least one person BALOO trained to camp. Youth Protection training is required for all leaders. 


Every family attending will need a map to the ranch along with the pack number, gate code, assigned theme area and parking area. The parking permit in this packet is just for that purpose. When arriving at the front gate each car will need to input the gate code then proceed through the gate. The gate will only allow one car at a time. Once in- side the gate follow the Cub World and/or Turkey Creek Village signs. Advise leaders and parents that the speed limit on the Zink Ranch is 25 miles per hour and the speed limit at Cub World is 15 miles per hour.


Once you reach the Cub World area the Cub World Coordinator should proceed to the welcome center to check in with the campmaster. At this time the coordinator will turn in rosters, pay for tent rentals and make reservations for the shooting sports areas and pavilion. The campmaster will give you further instructions and be able to answer any questions you have at this time. While the coordinator is checking in with the campmaster the others in your pack should proceed to your pack’s assigned theme and parking areas to begin unloading and setting up camp.


Please notify the Scout Resource Center immediately of cancellations. Cub World has become so popular that there is a waiting list to attend. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can try and schedule another pack in your place.

Camping & Parking

To get the most out of your Cub World experience, your pack should plan to camp overnight on Saturday. Whether you camp or not, your pack will be assigned a campsite and parking area as its base of operations. Cars may unload at the campsite, but according to National Boy Scout policy, the cars must then be parked in a designated parking area, not in the campsite. The cars should remain in the parking area. All theme areas are in walking distance of the campsites. Only in cases where disabled Cub Scouts or family members are present may cars be used to transport. The Campmaster should be informed of these situations during check-in.

The camping experience should be a pleasant one for your pack, but it will take some planning to make it happen. Make use of the resources available to you in planning for camping. The second-year Webelos scouts in your pack probably have some camping experience, and their leaders should be able to help in planning for the pack. Most packs have a working relationship with troops in the area. Contact them to help provide equipment and advice. The Boy Scout Handbook has everything you need to know about camping.


Once you arrive at your designated campsite, recruit a couple of other leaders to help determine where to pitch the tents. Try to place dens in groups together. Organize the best you can, with an open area in the middle to congregate for meals and fellowship. Don’t assign tenting areas close to the latrines for obvious reasons.


Assign pack cooking responsibilities to a leader or parent. It is much easier to plan meals if you do it by pack or den rather than individual families. Each campsite has large grills to use for cooking. The Theme Guide contains a menu planner to fit the theme.

Always follow the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Children cannot sleep in a tent with anyone but their own parent or guardian. No motor homes, travel trailers, pop up tents, or etc. are allowed at Cub World. No Alcohol. No Fireworks. No Firearms. No Swimming. No open flames in Tents. Download your copy of the Guide to Safe Scouting here.

Check-out Procedures

Check-out procedures will include checking the equipment box back in, checking the campsite to make sure it has been left in good condition, turning in a roster of participants, and completing an evaluation form. The evaluation is very important so that we can improve the program and facilities at Cub World.

There are no facilities at Cub World for trash disposal, so you will have to take it with you.

And remember, be nice to the Campmasters–they are volunteers too!