Cherokee Nation Scout Ranch from Tulsa

Directions to Cherokee Nation Scout Ranch from Tulsa

  • Travel southeast on the Muskogee Turnpike (toll)

  • Take the East US-62 exit toward Ft. Gibson/Tahlequah

  • Continue to follow US-62 for 23 miles

  • Branch right at the Hwy 51/US-62 intersection.

  • Follow US-62 around the southeast section of Tahlequah for 2.3 miles after Hwy 51 joins US-61

  • On the east side of Tahlequah, turn right (follow US-62) and travel east out of town

  • 2.5 miles east, turn right on Welling Road (at the gas station, the first right past the Illinois River)

  • 5 miles south of US-62, turn right at the sign for Camp Darby

  • The road goes through a small residential area before entering camp