We know this is a crazy time unlike anything many of us have experienced before, but in that, we have a chance to be creative and think outside the box to see the opportunities before us!

Here are some resources and tools for you to keep #scoutingathome and how you can connect with your unit during this time of social distancing.


Ideas for fun:
  • Make a video teaching others how to do something you’re really good at

  • Have a home campout! You can camp in your yard or even in your living room and roast marshmallows over a candle (we recommend non-scented candles)

  • Record a timelapse video of you completing a project, drawing, anything! 

  • Have a cooking contest with your family using only things you already have at home

  • Join our quarantine bingo game

  • Build a fort

  • Go through your clothes from winter and donate them

  • Rearrange your room (make sure to donate things you no longer use or need)

  • Play with our pet

  • Learn a new game

  • Make a dance party playlist and crank up the music.