It's Time to Nominate Silver Beaver Award Recipients

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Now that it is fall, it is time to consider and nominate registered adult leaders worthy to be selected for the Silver Beaver Award. It is the highest award a Council can bestow upon an adult volunteer leader, recognizing noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth, both in and outside of Scouting, together with service to the community.

Too often, exceptional volunteers go unrecognized under the mistaken presumption that a leader has been around Scouting for a long time and probably already has the award. The truth is there are a lot of jewels hidden among our Council leadership who deserve to be justly recognized.

In this time when in-person meetings are fewer, please take the time to think of the adult volunteers within your leadership circle. Consider the individuals on your next Zoom meeting. Who was hidden behind a mask at your last activity that deserves to be a Silver Beaver?

Help us find these exceptional adults and recognize their service!

Mike Holdgrafer Vice President of Program on behalf of the Silver Beaver Award Selection Committee

PS: NEW for 2020. Three letters of recommendation are now allowed plus the nominator’s cover letter. Check out the Nomination Form for full instructions and tips on preparing a nomination. Nominations are due by December 11, 2020.

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