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District Committee

Position Contact Phone Number Email Address
 District Chair  Bill Fournet  918-607-4533
 District Commissioner  Patrick Hamilton  775-790-14127
 District Director  Ken White  918-237-1911
 Boy Scout Round Table Comm       
 Cub Scout Round Table Comm      
 Venturing Round Table Comm      
 Vice-Chairman Finance      
 FOS Chair      
 FOS Family Chair  Whit Culver    .com
 FOS Community Chair  Randall Snapp  918-671-4137
 Camp Card Chair       
 Popcorn chair  Rick Hornak  918-639-8508
 Vice-Chairman Programs      
 Boy Scout Program Chair      
 Cub Scout Program Chair      
 Activities Chair  Erik Anderson  918-381-4497
 Day Camp Chair  Lisa Bellmard  918-289-5633
 Fall Fest Chair  Erik Anderson  918-381-4497
 Cub Scout Camping EVENT Chair       
 Scouting for Food Chair  Erik Anderson  918-381-4497
 District Banquet Chair  Phil Richards  918-633-6248
 Camping Chair  Tony Brown  918-519-0901
 Boy Scout Camporee Chair  Scott Johnson
 Webelo Weekend Chair      
 Training Chair      
 Boy Scout Leader Training      
 Order of the Arrow  Scott Johnson
 Cub Leader Training      
 Venturing Training Chair      
 Health and Safety      
 Vice-Chairman Advancement  Charlie Nutter  918-289-7058
 Merit Badge Fair Chair      
 Eagle Board of Review  Charlie Nutter  918-289-7058
 Vice-Chairman Membership      
 BS MEMBERSHIP Chair      
 CS Membership Chair      
 Venturing Membership Chair      
 School Night Chair      
 New Unit Chair      
 Webelos to Scout Transition Chair  Jay Steen  918-619-1062
 Communications  Barry Puryear  918-946-5438
 Nominating Committee Chair  Gavin Manes  918-856-5337